Lucas Lux

November 26, 2017

Yesterday I got the chance to talk with Hip-Hop musician Lucas Lux about  writing, performing, and how he makes it all work. Read below for what he had to say.



Where do you get inspiration for your music and lyrics?

Lucas Lux: Now-a-days I pull inspiration from anywhere I can. Work, chores, and life don't leave me with much time to just sit and write. Most of the time it's just lyrics and melodies I start to hear in the middle of regular day to day moments and I'll just roll with the idea/phrase/etc and end up with something like a part to a song. But I basically pull from my life. I try to tie in something I'm doing, going through, in most of my music. A recent conversation, life event, etc.


Well, whatever your sources of inspiration, they seem to be working.If you could describe your lyrics with 3 words what they be and what genre would you categorize your music with? 

Lucas Lux: Instinctual, Simple, Grounded. And I'd say Hip-Hop, no doubt. There are other elements in it but it's rooted in Hip-Hop.


Are you 100% responsible for Recording and mixing, and mastering all your music as well? 

Lucas Lux: Not in the sense that I do that on my songs. But I'm responsible for quality control and if I want something changed or not before the final product is made.


As it should be! Has music always been a career goal or more of a hobby for you?

Lucas Lux: It's been a life choice. Something that I knew for certain since an early age. As other things came up in my life, it always circled back to music.


Where is someplace you would really like to travel and play music? 

Lucas Lux: Wow so many places. If my grandparents were still alive I'd say RJ, Brazil for sure. But I'd say somewhere classy in Europe in a historic building or surrounded by that type of vibe. I'm thinking Italy. Yeah that sounds nice.


What is your opinion on online music sharing? Things like Spotify and Souncloud are free. Are you okay with that because it gets you exposure? 

Lucas Lux: Yeah, I'm okay with that. There are other ways to make money. There is no shortage. Being able to share your music and live that as your career is living the dream.


What is your spirit animal? 

Lucas Lux: Hah.. I'd say a Panda. A skinny panda haha.


That would be interesting to see, haha. So to wrap it up, is there anything you’d like to share in regards to upcoming music, shows, or Merch? 

Lucas Lux:Yeah well as my Lux Fam knows I have another music video coming shortly and my first mixtape, "The Introluxtion", coming in early 2018. I've got shirts and hats made and I'll be making them available on my site soon. But for now I just have people send me DM's if they want some gear.







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