Aria Hurtado from Hoity-Toity

Recently, I did some more slip-in-slidin' in the DMs and was given the honor to interview Aria Hurtado from all-girl SoCal Power-pop group, Hoity-Toity. We touched base on musical influences, college life, and some history. With us being the same age, we had a lot in

common. Keep reading for details!

So to start off, what is your name, what is your bands name, and role do you play in the band?

Aria: My name is Aria Jane Hurtado and I play guitar in my band, Hoity-Toity.

Nice to talk with you, Aria. When and why did you start making music and who/what influenced or inspired you?

Aria: I first picked up a guitar at age 8 because of shows and movies like Camp Rock, Drake and Josh, and Hannah Montana. I didn't really do much until age 12, when bands like Green Day, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC got me to take music more seriously.

Same here, Disney and Nick were the stuff! Now tell me, what is you favorite part about playing live?

Aria: Meeting people. I've made more friends through music than anything else.

I noticed on your bands Instagram that you just turned 18. How have you been managing being in school and in a band? Is it stressful?

Aria: It's not too bad yet, but it's gonna get worse. As it is right now, it's actually a little easier to manage than it was during senior year of high school given that I have fewer classes and get out of school earlier in the day. Pretty soon, I'm gonna get a lot busier though, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna keep it together, especially once I get and job and start paying bills and what not.

If you could describe Hoity-Toity with 3 words, what would they be?

Aria: Girly, Sassy, and Energetic!

Sounds accurate! I've got a couple more questions if you're down to keep going. This ones a bit random, but what is your LEAST favorite food and why?

Aria: Lettuce! For Some reason, people insists on putting it in every food that it doesn't belong in. It ruins tacos, burgers, and everything else.

I agree! I noticed that you guys have the "Shut-Up, Pinkies-Up" logo posted a few times. On one, it's showing support for the trans community. Is that something you made or it it an organization / charity?

Aria: "Shut-Up Pinkies-Up" is kind of our catch phrase. Our name, Hoity-Toity, is a term that describes people who are pompous or snooty, and the pinky-up represents that. I just overlaid the image over a trans flag for the Trans Day of Visibility.

Ooohh, okay, that makes sense and it's dope either way! I've got one last question here. What are your goals (musical or non-musical) and what should we be expecting from Hoity-Toity?

Aria: Two long term goals are a full-length album and a US tour. Some short terms goals are more original content (probably an EP or more singles), a statewide mini-tour and some shows in neighboring states, maybe also try to get back to the Pomona Warped Tour show in 2018. As for the next year or so, more shows, new merch, and a music video.

That's all super sick. I'm excited for you guys and wish you the best of luck. Thanks again for talking with me!


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