Despite our busy schedules, I was able to pull together an interview with California based metal band Voidwalker. Keep reading for their insights on recording, performing, and just what it takes to be in a band!

For starters, what are everyone's names and what do they do in the band?

Chris: I'm Chris and I do vocals. We have Dylan and Will on guitars, Anthony on bass, and Sammy on drums.

What is your favorite part and in your opinion the most difficult part about being in a band?

Dylan: I think the best part about being in a band is the live show. I think you get something out of watching people emotionally respond to something that you’ve created that you can’t really get out of anything else. There’s this connection with the crowd, and the songs you created alone in your room suddenly become bigger than you as you get to share them with a bunch of strangers. As for the hardest part... I think songwriting in general has always been a little tough for me. Every time I come up with something I like, I’ll come back the next day and all of a sudden think it sucks. It’s never heavy enough, never dynamic enough, riffs could be better, this or that could be better. It’s an endless cycle I put myself into that ends up really hindering my productivity. Plus side about being in a band is you have other people who can help push you along and really make you strive to be better.

Chris: I’d have to say my favorite thing would be getting to meet and interact with people who appreciate the art we create. Thanks to social media we’ve made friends and fans in different countries. It’s an amazing feeling as an upcoming artist knowing there’s people listening to us on the other side of the world without ever visiting there yet. I’d have to agree with Dylan. The most difficult part would have to be getting writers block. No doubt about it.

I agree with both of you on the writers block, the struggle is real. You guys have two singles out now, which both seem to be getting really good feedback, what/who have been your inspirations for those songs?

Voidwalker: “Mesa” was the first song we wrote. I think what mostly inspired the ideas in that song was the way we recorded it. We were just starting our journey in recording/producing our own material, so the song itself was being written and tracked simultaneously. It was the first time I had really written this way personally, so I feel it allowed for some experimenting with certain techniques or sounds we otherwise may not have explored. I think the experimentation itself lended to most of the inspiration for that song. “Celestial Wandering” began as a very different song that Anthony had come up with on his own. At the time, I was listening to an old e.p. a local band (who is no longer around) put out several years ago. I was always pretty inspired by their written style when i was younger, I always considered them pretty ahead of their time and they were definitely one of the dominant bands around in our scene at the time. Needless to say, I had a lot of ideas flowing by the time I got a hold of Anthony’s song. After I had put all of my touches on it, Anthony and I just polished it up and got it to where it is now. Chris would have to tell you about the vocals, he pretty much takes care of that whole aspect on his own.

What artists do you use inspiration to write songs?

Sammy: You can put me down for Acacia Strain and Adam Gray (Texas In July).

For me personally Jonathan Vigil (The Ghost Inside), Adrian Fitipaldes (former vocalist for Northlane), and Sam Carter (Architects) are my biggest influences lyrically

Do you guys work with a producer or do everything yourself? What’s the recording process like?

Voidwalker: We currently do everything ourselves as of right now. Our guitarist Dylan has a studio at his house which is highly convenient because it allows us to have more creative freedom and time to experiment with different sounds. We may end up working with a producer or outside mixer later down the line, but for now its really nice to have access to something at your own home.

Speaking of home, I noticed you guys are from Bakersfield, CA, which is a little further North, but has the SoCal music scene influenced you guys at all?

Voidwalker: We do go to shows in the area fairly often. The music scene there is alive and well to say the least. It’s a great atmosphere to be surrounded by and keeps us motivated for the future.

Are all of your instruments recorded live?

Voidwalker: Everything is live recorded besides our drum tracks. Unfortunately we just don't have the space at the moment to hook up a full acoustic drum set for recording. Hopefully that'll be changing here soon.

In my own experience, it’s proven difficult to find people who are committed and persevering enough to start a band, how was that process for you guys?

Voidwalker: It’s been quite a long endeavor for all of us I’d say. We all grew up around music being in and out of various projects before this one finally seemed to stick. Some of us even played shows together previously back when we were in different bands. At the end of the day, we all have very similar end goals and want to pursue this as far as we can. It’s all a matter of patience and finding other members with the same mindset.

What are Voidwalker’s goals for the near future or what should we be looking forward to?

Voidwalker: Currently we’re in the process of finishing up our EP for release and plan on setting up a tour to follow sometime early next year. We are going to be putting a lot of time / effort into this and we can't wait to get it out to everyone. Thanks for your time and it was a pleasure being a part of your blog!

Pleasure to have you! Thank you all once again!




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