Doll Skin

Coming at us from Phoenix, Arizona, Rock group Doll Skin was kind enough to answer few questions for me. Read below to hear a little about their history, Warped Tour, their sophomore album, and some cool things about themselves!

What are your names, your bands name and what is your role in the band?

Doll Skin: Sydney Dolezal - singer/rhythm guitar, Alex Snowden - Lead guitar, Meghan Herring - Drummer/Backing vocals, and Nicole Rich - Lead bassist

Alrighty, nice to meet everyone, so how long have you guys been a band and who/what are your inspirations?

Doll Skin: We have been a band for 4 years and we have been touring for two years on and off. We are all inspired by a wide variety of music. Here's a few of our main inspirations: Avenged Sevenfold, Bikini Kill, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Rancid, Beartooth and Paramore.

Perfect! That's the music I grew up listening to - and watching live. Speaking of, what has been your best and worst tour experience?

Doll Skin: So, So, we can all agree that our best experience as a band as of yet was the Phoenix show on Warped 2017. To our surprise, we were put on the Journeys Right Foot stage which was one of the main stages. We played first on that stage, but the crowd was huge! It was 120 degrees outside and our adrenaline was pumping, so we hardly even noticed! We are so thankful to Kevin Lyman for that opportunity! On the contrary, our worst experience as a band had to be the time we played Harpos in Detroit while on tour with Otep. To keep it short, the promoter was 3 hours late and shortened all of our sets to about 15 minutes long, there was no sound guy, the stage was about 10 feet tall, and there were maybe 10 people in this massive venue. Also, one time our RV broke down in the middle of Death Valley when it was 130 degrees outside...

Have you guys faced any negativity being an all girl group? What advice would you give any girls trying to enter the industry?

Nicole: We definitely face a lot of negativity but also a lot of positivity. We don't like to define ourselves as an all girl band but we're all incredibly proud of it. Honestly, it's a lot of little things, such as showing up to venue and people thinking your the girlfriends or people underestimating you and almost talking down. Personally, I would tell women that them just existing in the music scene is the most punk rock thing they can do. Never take no for an answer and know you can do anything you put your mind to.

Meghan: We've had a ton of incredible experiences as a band, and we are very grateful for them. One instance in particular sticks out in my mind where we were playing a show in Colorado and we had female radio representative come out to see us. The venue was packed and the show went fantastic! But afterwards, the radio representative came up to us and said the second we stepped on stage, she heard negative comments from men left and right. Some were even "rating" us from one to ten. But as soon as we started playing, they shut up instantly.

If you were not a musician, what would you do for work?

Alex: I would love to be a hairstylist. But also I would love to work in a studio!

Sydney: I've always wanted to be a forensic scientist.

Nicole: It would be so fun to be a tour manager!

Meghan: For me, I'd love to be a concert photographer.

If Doll Skin had one song that defined them what would it be?

Doll Skin: There's three songs we feel really define us that we've written: Daughter, Rubi, and Persephone, all of which are off of our latest album Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

Sounds awesome! So before I go, I should ask - what's next for Doll Skin?

Doll Skin: A very busy year indeed! We've got Emo Nite Day coming up on December 3rd*, and a handful of local shows here in Arizona. As soon as 2018 starts, we're heading out to play on Shiprocked with Stone Sour, Nothing More, In This Moment, and more! We're doing a few shows in January 2018 around Shiprocked time. We've got two HUGE announcements in early 2018 that we are itching to talk about! Stay tuned!!

*sorry, ya'll this already happened! :/


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