Crimson Apple

LA based pop-alt band Crimson Apple is a group of sisters originally from Hawaii and were kind enough to do an interview with me. How did they get their start? Where have they played? Is the lead singer really an alien?! Read below to find out!

What is everyone's names and what do they do in the band?

CA: Crimson Apple is Colby Benson (Lead Vocals / Keys), Shelby Benson (Lead Guitar / BG Vocals), Carthi Benson (Bass / BG Vocals), and Faith Benson (Drums)

Nice to meet everyone! What is Crimson Apple's spirit animal?

CA: Lol do mythical animals count? Cuz if so, it’d be a Phoenix because they’re resilient! No matter how many times they fall, they’re born again.

And what are three words to describe Crimson Apple's sound?

CA: Uplifting, Energetic, and Cinematic

So how long has Crimson Apple been a band? How was the formation process?

CA: Crimson Apple has been a band for a little over five years now. The band was initially started by Colby, (who has been singing since she was 9 years old and always dreamed of being a professional singer). She auditioned for a TV idol audtion when she was 15 and made it as far as Hollywood Week. After she was cut, she realized that she was too shy and needed more experience. So she put together a band by asking Shelby and a few friends to help back her up in what we called the “Colby Benson Band”. After about a year and a half, a few of the other members had to leave and we disbanded. It was around this time that Faith and Carthi both expressed interest in their instruments, so we decided to form Crimson Apple. When we started playing together, it immediately felt right, as if it was the way things were always meant to be. We actually thought it would take a long time to get the band ready with Faith and Carthi just starting to play music, but with their strong determination and drive, the band grew at a very rapid rate. We've opened up for All Time Low, The Green, Hawaiian music legends, HAPA, and One Republic. Then we moved out to Los Angeles from Hawaii to pursue our goals

Wow, those are some opportunities. How would you guys describe Crimson Apple's sound?

CA: We are a pop-alt band. Our music tends to be more upbeat, strong, and cinematic. Most recently, we’ve been working towards incorporating more electronic pop elements into our music.

What were the influences and inspirations for the album "Hello"?

CA: As individuals, we are all inspired by many different types of music, but we believe the main influences we had in common during the creation of “Hello” were artists like Paramore and Young the Giant. We were also just starting to get into rock music from different countries at the time as well

Do you guys work with a producer (or director for videos) or do everything by yourselves?

CA: Up until now, we’ve really done everything pretty much DIY. For our debut album, we reached out to our fans through Kickstarter, and were able to raise enough money to hire some great producers and engineers to help us bring our music to life. As for our YouTube videos, they are all recorded and directed by us. In fact, Colby majored in Audio Engineering in college, so all of our YouTube video audio and current demos are mixed by her!

What have you guys learned from being in a band?

CA: We’ve learned that music crosses all barriers; no matter where you come from or what you’ve experienced, music can connect with many different people all over the world. We’ve also each personally learned a lot about hard work, teamwork, and perseverance.

I would have to agree! On a side note, I am thoroughly impressed by Colby's high notes in "One Time", how is that humanly possible?

CA: Colby has a certain range in her voice called a “whistle tone” or “whistle register”. Although it may seem impossible, Colby says many people with different voice types have the ability to develop this range through vocal lessons and proper technique/training. The rest of us in the band think it’s possible she might just be an alien though! ;)

What does the future hold for Crimson Apple? Anything we should be excited about?

CA: We’re currently planning a lot of big things for 2018, including new music, shows, and surprises that we’ll be announcing very soon! So definitely keep a lookout on our social media, and until then, please listen to us on Spotify, Apple Music, etc


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