Shadow Horse

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Shadow Horse is a three piece group that specializes in Mythic Rock and long hair. Shadow Horse was kind enough to do an interview with me. Read below to find out how they get their inspiration, whats the deal with Red Rocks, and more!

What is everyone’s names and what do they do in the band?

Lane Dudley - Vocals, Guitar

Pete Bartels - Bass Guitar

Tyler Logan - Drums

What are three words you would use to describe Shadow Horse?

Tyler: Delicious, Orgasmic, Sandwhich

Pete: Creative, Hardworking, Music Lovers

Lane: Mythic Roller Coaster

Who or what is used as inspiration for music?

Tyler: "Inspirations comes fairly easy. We really strive to bring a story and unique perspective to the music. The current state of the world mixed with the historical and fantastical."

Pete: "We each have our own musical backgrounds and inspirations. Mine own are classic rock and classical music."

Lane: "My inspirations are often books. There are so many great stories and I always wanted to use music to write our own 'book'.

What is the most difficult and what is the best part about being in a band?

Tyler: "It's always about creating. When you can enjoy the process nothing beats it. The most difficult would be trying to navigate the current waters of the Industry. For us, having a great sound and live show will guide us, we focus on that. "

Pete: "The most difficult part is the way one has to develop a way of becoming a “product”, so that you can gig and be noticed, he best for me is the creation of music with band mates!" Lane: "The most difficult for myself was before I had a band and having a vision and searching for people who believe in the vision and want to donate their own blood, sweat and tears."

What is your favorite memory from playing live?

Tyler: "Playing live is always a unique experience. Any time we can deliver our art to a crowd is amazing."

Pete: "Whenever I loose myself in the performance!"

Lane: "Our first show after Tyler joined the band. The band really came alive that night."

What is your best advice to a new band or musician?

Pete: "Make sure you and your bandmates have similar goals and drive."

Tyler: "Have a great chemistry and make sure the people you are with are great people as well as players. Work on your song's and be totally genuine."

Lane: "Trust your gut. People don't always get you at first. Let your music speak for itself and follow your inner compass."

This is the point in the interview where I usually ask the band what their spirit animal would be. But this one might be self explanatory. So if Shadow Horse was a food, what food would it be?Tyler: "Refer to question 1."

Pete: "Pizza with different mixes in different sections."

Lane: "Rocky Road Ice Cream

What is in the future for shadow horse?

Pete: "More albums and more shows!"

Tyler: "Lots of shows and lots of music."

Lane: "The next album is already in the works. We're headed out on the road for 2018. Also a new video."


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