A couple days ago, while stalking Ash Costello - my imaginary wife/mom/ biggest inspiration, I

discovered an account called @nyd_fam_support. The account is run by three young girls, close to the age of myself and has the support of the one and only Ash Costello. The goal of this account is to provide support and positivity to the music world and world in general. Seeing them take action truly warms my heart and grants them my full support because I believe that the scene, and the world needs more of this and less harassment/bullying which is what these girls are striving for. Oona, Samantha, and Emily were kind enough to do an interview with me on Thursday and hopefully, we can use this post to spread the word about their account and to encourage more people to take positive action.

If you gals feel comfortable, please tell me your names and where you're from?

- I'm Oona and I'm from Baltimore

- I'm Samantha and I'm from New York

- I'm Emily and I'm from Australia

Nice to meet everyone! How do you guys all know each other?

Oona: On Instagram! We met through mutual NYD fans.

Emily: We met through Instagram and got to know each other. It was really awesome!

Samantha: NYD is the reason we met and I'm so glad we did!

Will you girls tell me you wanted to start this account?

Oona: We wanted to combat all the negative stuff that's been going around lately. There's so much hate out there, and nothing good comes out of it. We wanted to show people that there is still goodness out there, and support those who might feel the don't belong. One of the hate accounts said some awful things about NYD fans being "sad, pathetic goths who cut themselves" and we wanted to show that it is totally not true!

Samantha: I'm also pretty sure all of us have dealt with some kind of bullying. We wanted to create a page where there is an absolute zero bullying rule. We just wanted to help make the world a little more positive.

Emily: Well we saw a lot of hate and people feeling sad and so we figured that we should do something about it. We talked to Ash about the idea and she said that she thought it was awesome

I think it's awesome too! What does being positive look like to you guys? Like what things can someone do to spread kindness and positivity?

Emily: I think one of the main things personally is listening to people. Peoples' opinions these days want to be heard and every time people try to be heard, their voices are shut down. So I think listening and being patients too :).

Oona: I think just talking to someone can help. But I think a few things are writing positive messages, helping people out, even a photo or a picture of a cute animal!! I'm an animal lover so I'm hoping to integrate animals into this.

Samantha: I believe being positive looks like just being kind to everyone! Treat people how you want to be treated! People can do a lot of things to spread kindness and positivity. For example, if you see someone being harassed or bullied take the time to message them and see if they're okay. Don't get into fights with hate accounts just block them cause it does nothing. You can't change their minds :)

I love all of these ideas. Have you guys ever been bullied or harassed? Does having experienced negative feelings want to help other people more?

Oona: I personally have not been outright bullied in the way of being called names. Growing up, I had a close group of friends and when we hit middle school it split. I switched to a different school and then I realized that they were never really my friends! Its the kinda subtle catty bullying girls do. I've struggled with my parents growing up, as most do. My first romantic relationships also had a large effect on me. I've since realized that they were pretty mentally abusive. I deal with depression and anxiety as well, it was really bad in middle school. Going through that and coming out where I am today changed me, and I want to help people going through that and show them that it DOES get better. Sorry if that was TMI, I am an open person!

Samantha: yes! I was bullied in sixth grade. A girl in eight grade came up to me in the locker room with her friends and started yelling at me and saying that I started a rumor calling her a slut. Now, as you can imagine, little sixth grade me didn't even know what a slut was, and that continued on for a month, until I got my principle involved, and it turned out that the girl had made the rumor about herself. Another time, when I was in ninth grade, a girl would take pics of me and post them on her Snapchat and caption them "weird goth". But yet, I would say that going through that definitely made me want to help people!

Emily: I went through a horrible bullying incident in high school (in Australia). I want to be able to help others when there was not many there for me.

No problem actually, I am very open too, so thank you gals so much for sharing this stuff with me! On Samantha's note, one misconceptions about "emo" or "goth" kids is that they're weird or mean or freaks or other negative terms when that couldn't be further from the truth. Care to comment on that?

Oona: So, I have an outlook that whatever negative thing you're called, you own it. Such as NYD calling their fans "creeps". I think if you take these insults to heart, it won't do at good. To flick it off will A0 make you feel 100x better and B) totally shock whoever calls you that! Also, everyone that I've met who us "emo" or "goth" have been the nicest people I've ever met!

Emily: I myself am not "emo" or "goth" but from what I know that is far from the truth in fact, I think that they are incredibly kind. It doesn't matter how you dress or look to be kind.

Samantha: I believe that we are freaks and weirdos, but in a good way. I've noticed most of the hateful people aren't "emo" or goth"

How has Ash and the rest of NYD impacted you?

Emily: It really helped me through the hard times I was struggling through, I felt like I just connected with the music.

Samantha: Ash and NYD have honestly changed my life! Ash had always been so kind to me. She has always been so kind to me. She makes me feel like someone believes in me. I almost started crying last night because Ash commented on my photo that she was proud of me and how much my confidence has grown this year and it's honestly cause of her!

Oona: I've been a fan of Ash and NYD since 2013 and seeing how beautiful and strong and badass she is made me look up her band and I fell in love. She helped me find my niche and who I am and say fuck the rest.

I love Ash as well, these are great stories! Just to make sure, anyone can come to you guys, not just NYD fans?

Oona: Of course!!

Samantha: Yes, anyone is welcome!

Emily: Of course! We don't discriminate. We just want to help people, that's our main goal.


EMILY - @standingwithashcostello

OONA - @alien.artistry

SAMANTHA - @xhello_darknessx

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