The Dead Deads

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Dead Deads bring a unique belnd of the 60's, the 90's, sci-fi, and Nirvana to every stage they play. How can you make it as a new musician? How many times can one say "Seether"? Read below to find out!

Please introduce yourselves and what you do the band?

Meta- lead vocals and rhythm guita

Dolly - backing vocals and lead guitar

Daisy - backing vocals and bass

Johnnie - drums

What are three words you would use to describe the Dead Deads

Dead Deads: fun. power. space

What is your favorite memory from playing live?

Dead Deads: Every show is awesome! A recent favorite is our final show of the Seether Poison The Parish tour at the Taft in Cincy where we all got a little loose. We performed Veruca Salt's "Seether" for Seether in Seether flannels as a silly surprise for them, and it went over great. Then during Shaman's Harvest's set, Dolly Dead threw on a dress and did a little sexy dancing on stage with them unannounced, as a funny farewell to them, and then during Seether's set, not only did Meta get up and nail "Ana's song" with Shaun, and not only did Johnnie slay the drums on "Sympathetic," but to top it off, Shaun wore our Dead Deads X-glasses on stage and then later as he ran around the theater and played from the balcony in our glasses! Also Clint had Daisy's daisy in his beard at some point? Wild night! Afterward, we all hung out for a good while, and it was just a great end to a wonderful tour.

Where is somewhere you want to play but haven't yet?

Dead Deads: Being based out of Nashville, the Ryman aka "The Motherchurch" will be a bucketlist when we get there. Otherwise, we really want to play overseas in the UK, Europe, and Japan!

What is your number one piece of advice you have for new musicians?

Dead Deads: Give it 100% of everything you've got, don't hold back any of your passion or energy, just go for it and do your best in everything you do.

What is your favorite Dead Deads song and why?

Dead Deads: That changes all the time, but I think our current favorite is the new song we were playing on the Seether tour, "Ghosts." Like most of our songs, there's about 5 different genres melded into one song, but it's one that all of us really jam out to, and the crowd seems to get into it as well.

What should we be looking forward to in 2018?

Dead Deads: Speaking of new songs, we have a new double EP called "Sketches and Animation," featuring 5 songs recorded both acoustic and electric. It's being finished up as we speak, and will be on sale 1/26 just in time for our Stone Sour and Halestorm tour. That tour is going to be insane just knowing what great shows those two bands put on. In the mix after Halestorm breaks off the tour, we're also going to play with In This Moment, New Years Day, and Red Sun Rising for the first time - we are excited to meet those all guys also! After that, we'll be continuing booking local and regional shows and tours and looking at some more cool stuff in the summertime! Keep an eye out!



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