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Coming from Montebello, CA, As We Go is a post-hardcore/metalcore band that consists of four awesome dudes and was definitely built on a solid foundation. Earlier this week, I had the chance to chat with said awesome-dudes. What exactly are they known for? Who the heck is Toe? Read below for an honest, insightful interview!

What are your names and what is your role in the band?

Hey my name is Gilbert and I’m the singer/guitarist.

I'm Angel and I play drums.

Hi I’m Ian Lopez My role is to Slap That Bass.

My name is Ernesto Torres. The guys call me by my nickname Toe. I play guitar.

Nice to meet everyone, sp, how long have you guys been a band?

As We Go: We’ve been a band since April 2016, so almost two years now.

And was it easy to start your band / find people who were committed?

Angel: Well in the beginning we had all the necessary elements to start a band, but over time when we would have to find new members it wasn't easy it definitely took some hard searching.

Gilbert: It has definitely been an interesting process. Toe was actually our first bassist, but then left to focus on other musical endeavors. Then when Frank (founding guitarist) left it was very difficult to find another guitarist. We met a lot of people who just wanted to be in a band, but didn’t want to commit to anything at all.

Who or what inspired you to start a band?

Gilbert: My main influence has always been Angus Young from AC/DC. Seeing him run all over the stage was just so awe-inspiring. Classic rock artist still inspire me to this day to keep going

Angel: I was inspired by my need to move forward as a musician and better my talent as a group.

Ian: Guitar hero was the beginning of my musical Journey.

Toe: I had a lot of inspirations to start a band or being part of a band. Bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Motley Crue, and Metallica, were some of my earlier inspirations.

I'm with you, Ian. What is one song that you feel defines As We Go?

Toe: I feel that one song that describes As We Go is our single off our recent EP, Forget Your Regrets, and Spend My Whole Life. It has your early metalcore feeling with the intro riffs and the verse riffs, but it also gives the post hardcore feeling with the chorus. That would be my choice for the song that I believe describes this band.

Angel: I feel that most of our music defines us as a whole, because of how we want to have bits and pieces of different styles of rock and metal in our music. We want our versatility to be strong.

Gilbert: Ooh that’s definitely a tough one… I’m going to have to take the cop out like Angel. Being the main songwriter/composer they’re all my babies and I can’t choose.

Ian: Spend My Whole Life.

What is your single, most indispensable piece of gear for playing live?

Gilbert: Though my guitars are so precious to me, I would definitely have to say my Peavey 6534+. Through all the show we’ve had I’ve used many guitars, but the single constant piece of gear has been my amp. I’ve even dropped it once when I threw my guitar and it still works perfectly!

Angel: Well one of is definitely my drums stick, but I’d have to say my Pearl double pedals.

Toe: Opposite of Gilbert my most important piece of gear is my Schecter C-1 platinum series guitar. I can play with different amps and it will have little to no effect on me. If I have to play with a different guitar, I will feel uncomfortable and I will not be able to adjust myself to it. I believe this is true to almost all musicians.

Ian: My guitar strap for sure.

I've shown up drumline without sticks, I'm glad Angel can remember his, haha. What is your favorite memory from playing live?

Gilbert: My favorite memory is honestly just meeting the other bands in the scene and how they became such good friends. Bands like In the Wake of the End, Take Flight, Influence, and Black Attire Eulogy are to name some.

Angel: Honestly all of them. From the all the venues, people you meet, and just getting to play live at all.

Toe: My favorite memory is from a few years back with a different band. We had an EP release house show and the cops had told us to take it inside or take it down. So we did what any rational band would do, we removed all of the furniture from the living room and set up our gear to play our closing set. We had a pack house of about 30 people and it was a sauna in there. All this happened while we avoided being caught by our vocalist parents because were not allowed in the house. Most definitely one of the best shows I’ve played

Ian: When Frank destroyed his brand new Schecter S-1 guitar at our E.P. Release show. He had just bought it a week before the show and it’s a guitar he wanted forever. So we were all super shocked.

Gilbert: Even though we’re kind of known for breaking our guitars lol

What is one song (just out there, in existence) that you wish you wrote?

Gilbert: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor (Moonlight Sonata) by Beethoven because it’s so known worldwide and I don’t think anyone will ever forget it…or I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan.

Angel: Cemetery Gates by Pantera

Toe: Just because I love Zakk Wylde and Ozzy Osbourne so much, I wish I wrote Miracle Man. The riffs and the solo are just so face pounding. It’s a song I wish I wrote.

Ian: Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue.

Gilbert, I would like to you know that I get PTSD every time I hear Moonlight Sonata. As for the rest of you, all great songs! What is the number one lesson that being in a band has taught you?

Gilbert: Don’t let promoters take advantage of you. I see too many newer bands let promoters book them for a venue that holds 20 people and yet they make them sell 30 tickets for an opening slot.

Angel: To keep challenging myself and grow in many ways.

Toe: Patience. You need patience with your band mates, patience with song writing, and just having patience with having decisions made as far as deciding what shows to play and what is our next step as a band.

Ian: Commitment.

What's in the future for As We Go?

Gilbert: Definitely to keep writing new songs, play more shows, and tour everywhere, especially Japan.

Angel: Much more shows, more music to make and release. Just continuous growth for us!

Ian: To continue to grow as a band While having soon to be opportunities.

Toe: I can guarantee more shows in the future. We’re working on new music for 2018 and we are going to work from there. It’s a new year and nothing else is really set in stone just yet, we’ll just need to wait and see.


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