Syd from Sad Vegan

Syd, the singer of alternative East Bay band, Sad Vegan was kind enough to do an interview

with me earlier this week, read below for more!

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Hi! My name is Syd and I am the vocalist for Sad Vegan.

Describe Sad Vegan in 3 words?

Syd: Oh gosh I hate trying to find words for it. I'd have to go with Weird Cool Noises. Or Alternative Lobster Sounds... That seems about right

Great! Amazing! How did Sad Vegan get it’s name?

Syd: Our name was a bad joke that for whatever reason just stuck. I think it goes back a couple years ago to when one of our previous members Bailey was teasing a girl about calling herself a "happy vegan", which he obviously thought was impossible

What do you use an inspiration for your music?

Syd: We all have such different tastes in music and therefore really different influences. I think what is inspiring for us as a group is finding where that contrast can come together and become something very cohesive and balanced. We're all about finding ways to combine elements of every genre into something that has a fresh, new sound yet can still be traced back the roots of what inspired it.

That's cool - diversity is key. What is your favorite memory from playing live?

Syd: For me, my favorite on-stage memory has to be when we played the final Red House show. Red House was our local venue in Walnut Creek and I accredit so much of my involvement with music to the many years spent at that place. It was where we played our very first show so being able to play there on its last night open was wild and really emotional. Seeing something come so full circle was quite incredible.

I was actually at your very first show (I don't want to sound creepy lol, but I live in Brentwood) I think I remember it as much as you guys do. What is the best thing being in a band has taught you?

Syd: Wow. It's tough to pick just one thing this band has taught me. I would have never imagined how much I would learn from being apart of Sad Vegan. I guess the best thing would be learning how to accept a project as a living, breathing organsism and understanding that so much is going to change throughout the course of things and that that is totally okay. Whether that change is in your sound, your lineup, your feelings towards the project or your goals, my advice is to welcome it.

If Sad Vegan was a food, what food would it be?

Syd: Mac & Cheese. I don't know why, it just seems right.

Then go with it! Gotta trust your intuition. Where is somewhere you you’ve always wanted to play but haven’t?

Syd: I can't think of a specific venue we are dying to get on stage at, but of course we always aspire to grow and stray a little further from home. It would be really awesome to play some shows out of state or open for a bigger band in San Francisco.

What should we be expecting from Sad Vegan in the future?

Syd: Definitely look forward to some new music! We're still in the writing process on our full length but we will be releasing a single very soon, like next month soon so stay tuned!

Sounds awesome! Thank so much, Syd!


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