A Better Hand

Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to the five piece "high energy pop punk" outfit A Better Hand. A Better Hand likes to jam hard and eat chicken fingers. Read below for more details and some fun facts about our bois in A Better Hand!

What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Zack Rettke - I sing and run around on stage

Taylor Allen - I sit in the back and hit things

Kyle Pfluger - I play guitar and sing sometimes

Brandon Wortham - I play guitar and jump around

Kyle Kriegshauser - I rippa bass and bang my head (probably too much)

Heck yeah, the more Klyles the better! Its nice to meet everyone, so how long have you guys been a band? What's your inspiration for your music?

Zack - the band originated in 2015. We all have different bands that have inspired us and listen to a lot of different music, but we all dig A Day To Remember, State Champs, All Time Low and My Chemical Romance to name a few.

Solid! Everyone on that list is great! Describe your first experience playing live.

Kyle Kriegshauser- My first “real” show was at a venue called The Warehouse in La Crosse, WI with a previous band. At the time, I had only been in the band for about 5 days so it was all pretty new to me. I remember all the bands rolling up in their vans and trailers and thinking “Wow this is pretty legit!” It was such an awesome experience and I still keep in contact and occasionally run into some of the musicians that I shared the stage with that night.

What is the writing and recording process like for you guys?

Kyle Kriegshauser- Brandon will usually lay down a riff and put together the structure of the song first while the rest of us brainstorm lyrics and melodies. It’s always exciting when we jam a song together for the first time, because that’s when we get the best ideas to make the song live up to its full potential! As far as recording, our last EP “The Longest Drive” was recorded by John Naclerio at Nada Studios in Montgomery, New York. We are currently in the writing stages for our next release and we are very excited with the material that we are working with!

Awesome, I'll look forward to tit! What has been your favorite show you’ve played?

Zack - for me it was probably opening for As It Is. The energy of the crowd was absolutely wild.

Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to play but haven’t yet?

Zack - a full tour of Europe. Or Australia cause I like kangaroos.

Kyle Pfluger - Japan or Germany for sure. I’m really excited to hopefully tour the world one day.

Kangaross are Kool! What is A Better Hands spirit animal?

Brandon - definitely a porg from The Last Jedi

Alright, so you guys are pretty #poppunk. How does one go about achieving their #poppunk #goals? I'll be taking notes.

Brandon - you never mentally leave the early 2000s. It helps to try skateboarding even if you’re bad at it, and eat pizza a couple times a week.

Kyle Pfluger - I agree with Brandon, but if you have a good pair of khakis, a SnapBack, and maybe a flannel, that should do the trick.

That's some good information. Other than make music, what is something you guys like to do as a band?

Taylor - We love going to Raising Canes to eat delicious chicken fingers! We also love going to Pancheros to eat delicious burritos. Bands that eat together, stay together… for the kids. When we all get together and aren’t working on the band, we usually just hang out listening to music and talking about other bands.

I see what you did there, Taylor. I see your pun. What are some goals that A Batter Hand has for 2018 (if you guys don’t say “become a better band,” we will have problems [just kidding, but that would be funny]).

Taylor - We have so many goals this year and I think the biggest of those is releasing new music and touring like crazy. This is the first time we’ve ever written music together as a complete lineup, so we are really trying to work on becoming more solid as a whole and put all of our individual influences into one cohesive sound. Besides that we just want to become A Better band ;)

Sounds great, guys, thank you so much for talking with me. This interview was extremely fun. Hopefully we can do a follow up sometime :)


WATCH A BETTER HAND'S MUSIC VIDEOS FOR "Coffee Plz", "Rounding Third", and "Never Coming Home" WITH THE FOLLOWING LINK:



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