Carpool Tunnel

Self-proclaimed "Indie Rock" band Carpool Tunnel is coming straight from Northern California and was radical enough to do an interview with me earlier last week - read below for some groovy details!

What are your names and what is your role in the band? Carpool Tunnel: Ben Koppenjan, originally from Santa Barbara, is our lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Brad Kearsley is our lead guitarist and our recording guru, he was born and raised in San Jose. Danny Stauffer is our drummer who is also from San Jose. Spencer Layne, our newest member, is our bassist who is originally from Carlsbad. When and how was Carpool Tunnel started? Carpool Tunnel: Carpool Tunnel was started back in June of 2017 after we met through an app called Vampr, where you can meet musicians in your area. We met for the first time and the next day we had an entire song recorded. We later picked up Spencer through Vampr as well in early November. What is Carpool Tunnel’s spirit animal? Carpool Tunnel: Bob Ross, we really love Bob Ross. What is your favorite memory from playing live? Carpool Tunnel: The most memorable thing was first seeing our fans sing the lyrics back at us at our show (‘: What is your most essential piece of gear for playing live? Carpool Tunnel: Electricity lol, without that we’d be an acoustic eagles cover band. What is one song by another artist that you wish you wrote? Carpool Tunnel: Pacifier by Catfish and the Bottlemen or Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes. Who or what served as inspiration for the new EP? Carpool Tunnel: The collaboration of all of our musical tastes and skills really fed into a California style indie-rock sound for the EP. We were inspired by Bands like The Frights, Tame Impala, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Strokes, Mt. Eddy and many more. What is your favorite part about being in a band? Carpool Tunnel: We all like to think of music as a universal language. Being in a band allows us to spread our ideas and stories through our songwriting and performances. There’s just an amazing feeling you get when you can feel the crowd’s energy on stage, it’s something I don’t think any of us will ever get over. There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when you can move someone with something you wrote. What is the hardest part about being in a band? Carpool Tunnel: Out of all the questions, this one is definitely the hardest. I would say it’s a lot more work than most people would expect, a lot of self promotion and a lot of persistence to try and book your own gigs. That never takes away from it though, we are all super passionate about what we do, so for us, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Like they say too, you wanna feel like you never worked a day in your life! What does 2018 hold for Carpool Tunnel? Carpool Tunnel:We are just fresh off the road from tour and are already starting to write songs for our first full album release. During the spring and summer we plan to do another west coast tour and a possible tour to Texas or Nashville. In the fall, the band is moving in together somewhere in the North Bay Area, possibly San Francisco. 2018 is already treating us well, so we can’t wait to see what more it brings, we’ll see you out there! ;)

Alrighty, I'll look forward to everything! Thanks again for talking with me!


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