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Just a couple hours from my hometown lies Sacramento, CA - home to four piece pop-punk outfit Free Candy! I had a chance to interview them this week. We talked about the upsides and downsides of the band life, just how Free Candy came to be, and so much more! Keep reading for details!

Please introduce yourselves and your role in the band

I'm Jake Kaspari and I sing and play guitar in Free Candy

Hi I'm Maddy and I play bass and sing

I'm Carson Grimes and I play Drums

I'm Caleb and I play guitar

Perfect! Nice to meet everyone. Can ya'll tell me who or what inspired you to start a band?Jake: Caleb and I started Free Candy right after 8th grade. We got the name because we had made a joke song called Nice White Van, and thought hey, Free Candy is a pretty cool band name. Since then it's grown into so much more, and it's amazing to hear and feel the progression of everybody in the band.

Speaking of growth, how was the recording process for The Guac Costs Extra? Did you work with a producer or is it DIY and was everything recorded live?

Jake: Going into recording The Guac Costs Extra, I had no idea what to do, or what ti expect. We recorded at Alien Production Studios, with JK Northrup. It was a LONG day, starting with guitar and vocal scratch tracks and moving on from there. The studio was cool because when you first walk in there was three things, a couch, a tv, and a copy of The Thing. Throughout the 10 hour session none of us watched the movie from start to finish, but always knew where the movie was when we got back from recording our parts. It was a great learning experience for our recent release Growing Pains, which is up on Spotify and other online music sites.

What is your favorite Free Candy song and why?

Jake: My favorite song to play is Blue, off of our album Growing Pains. Maddy showed up to practice and told me she found a song we could "cover", and played it for me. The lyrics made the hairs on my arms stick up because they felt so real and relatable. She then told me she wrote it, and said it was a cover because she didn't want me to say I didn't like it and wanted my natural reaction. It's one of those songs that I don't think I'll ever forget, because of how it feels to see people singing along with Maddy when we play it live.

What is your favorite song in general and why?

Casron: I think my favorite song is probably Stay, especially off our new album. Because I'm newish to the band, I really didn’t know how the song went for the longest time. Every time I played it, it was one huge guessing game. After playing it a couple times and really getting a feel for it, it felt rewarding. On top of that, listening to the Guac recording of the tune compared to the newest one was really rewarding. To see a huge improvement not only in the band’s playing, but composition as well is fun to see.

What is your most essential piece of gear for playing live?

Caleb: My guitar is no doubt the most essential piece of gear. That instrument is how you convey your emotions and passion to the crowd.

What is your best and worst story from playing live?

Carson: I mean the best performance I’ve ever had was at The Colony On Stockton Blv. Every time we play there everyone’s super nice, and gets really into the music. One time we were headlining a show and we got a huge turnout. We made the crowd move and dance, and played that show with 2 other bands we’re really good friends with, Sofo, and Side Effect. When a crowd knows the lyrics to your songs and sings along, its really something cool. But the worst gig by far was at The Holy Diver with Cory Fieldman, I don’t want to talk about it.

Not a problem! I don't blame you haha. So what is one thing that being in a band has taught you?

Maddy: Ever since I’ve joined Free Candy it’s been really cool to see my self grow more and more out of my shell. Watching videos of us playing our first show compared to now is drastically different. Also, it’s taught me how great making music with people is. Whenever I bring in a new song that I wrote, I come in with only the lyrics and guitar part. Watching everyone put in their ideas and making the song come to life is one of the best feelings.

Can you see music turning into a career?

Carson: Yes, I don't see myself doing much else. Do what makes you happy I guess, whether it's playing in a band or being an audio engineer

So what does 2018 hold for Free Candy?

Caleb: I’m excited for more shows with new bands! Jake has been working supper hard to expand our connections and improve how we’re regarded, and it’s working. We’re going on a week long tour soon and all the bands will be new and meeting them and seeing them play will be such a fantastic experience.

Thanks again for doing this, keep jammin', eatin' pizza, and I wish you guys (and gal) the best of luck :)



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