Half Undressed

Half Undressed is a another awesome band out of San Jose, CA. This band is a powerhouse consisting of talented young ladies and lots of passion. Read below for concert memories, hopes, dreams, and sweet and sour pork??

Please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Kyra: My name is Kyra. I play guitar and sing.

Emma: My name is Emma and I play bass and sing.

Who or what is the inspiration behind your music?

Kyra: I’m inspired by a lot of different bands from a lot of different genres but I get a lot of inspiration from Blink 182 and State Champs for the band.

Emma: Mainly Taylor Swift but also a lot of older female stars like Pat Benatar.

Are you guys still students? How is juggling school and music?

Kyra: I’m finishing my senior year in the Middle College program at West Valley so being at the college gives me a lot of free time to focus on the band. I’m able to put a lot of time and energy into the music.

Emma: I’m a high school senior. I just do my best to manage my time.

What is your favorite memory from playing a show?

Kyra: The first show I ever played I remember being super excited before the gig. As soon as we started playing I got the best feeling in the world and I didn’t want to leave the stage.

Emma: I played an 80s prom themed show and the whole night was amazing.

What is your favorite memory from going to a show?

Kyra: I went to warped tour last year and when Beartooth was playing I went into the circle pit for the first time and it was so exhilarating and exciting.

Emma: I saw Taylor Swift at Levi’s Stadium.

Excluding the one you play, what is your favorite instrument and why?

Kyra: I’d probably say the violin. I always wanted to learn how to play because I think, when played well, the violin does an excellent job at portraying emotion.

Emma: I love the piano. You can do so much on the piano and I would love to learn how to play it.

If Half Undressed was a food, what food would it be?

Kyra: Sweet and sour pork.

Emma: I have no idea.

What is in the near future for Half Undressed?

Kyra: The goal right now is to solidify the members of the band and get tight but ultimately I think we just want to have fun, write good music and do what we love.

Emma: I see us getting a drummer. I hope we make it big.


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