Another band semi-local to me is the band Lightweight. Lightweight is a four piece Pop Punk band from Sacramento, CA. They have a few releases out already and a new EP in the works. Read below for the inside on Lightweight.

What is your name and what is your role in the band?

DONNY: lead guitar and vocals

JEFF: bass player

JAKE: rums, and end up doing most of the business stuff

BRYAN: guitar 2

Describe Lightweight with 3 words?

DONNY: where's my beer OR full of friendship

JEFF: humble friendly fun

JAKE: fun, friendship, and Fritos

BRYAN: rad, popular, humble

If someone listens to your EP, what are you hoping they would take from it?

DONNY: I hope they take the positive comfort our songs are trying to convey, that everyone has some big or small problem in all our lives. It's comforting to know someone feels like you do and has a energetic vibe to it

JEFF: positivity

JAKE: We were talking about if there was a theme to the EP, and it was hard to land on a theme and a meaning but for me is about, growing and learning to live without regret.

BRYAN: When we started this band, the number one thing for me was to record something. We've been in a lot of bands in the past and most of them never recorded anything, so all those feelings were lost. Recording music, for me, is a proof of existence I guess. If people listen to the EP and go "hey, these dudes are doing something", that's a win for me.

What song off the EP are you most proud of?

DONNY: "5th Ave"

JEFF: "Water Under the Burnt Bridge"

JAKE: "Cheer Up" is my favorite, but "Kisses for Rent" I thought was gonna end up being a throw away song and ended up turning out awesome.

BRYAN: "Water Under the Burnt Bridge", mostly because Jeff loved it when we first wrote it.. then he absolutely hated it... then something changed and he loves it again. So, its cool that we're able to come together on writing.

If Lightweight was a food, what food would it be?

DONNY: A bacon grilled cheese with cheesy tots

JEF: half pepperoni, half cheese pizza

JAKE: Five Star pizza in Gainesville, FL

BRYAN: If Lightweight was a food, it'd probably be one that most people haven't heard of

Like a finger lime? What are some tips you have for someone who is wanted to become Pop Punk as fuck?

DONNY: give it your everything, never stop pushing for that better sound you hear in your head. Take all your favorite bands and make a band that would make all your favorite bands wanna listen to you.

JEFF: just say what you mean when you mean it. There are no wrong answers

JAKE: don’t be an asshole, also watch alot of Indy/Japanese wrestling

BRYAN: start looking into tax-favored retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s now. The best time to start saving is in your 20's, the sooner you begin saving, the more time your money has to grow.

Solid advice! What is your best/favorite memory from playing live?

DONNY: One of my favorite memories from playing live is when my other band, CAF. We played in our hometown at a gazebo kinda of the edge of town by a baseball park. We were up next to play and the other band before us kept going on and on and on...... When they were finally done the sun was setting and there were no lights in the gazebo, so everybody drove their cars right behind our band and turned their lights on and another person came with an overhead to and let it swing in the rafters. After that the place was lit up and we started our set and everyone was just super into it, we had people climbing on rafters and a huge pit and everyone stuck around around and knew the words to our songs. It was so satisfying to see everyone come together to keep the show going and make it better than it already was... My favorite Lightweight show was at Winters Tavern.. or Caskitt at the Cafe Colonial...

JEFF: every time we make a mistake we make eye contact and laugh

JAKE - Dropping one of the two drumsticks I brought to the show, and slowly watching in horror as it rolled into an unreachable gap in the stage.

BRYAN: Probably the time this band i drummed in, Walking Johnny, played at Jack's house using No Need's gear... and then years later at a Sonora show, Travy from False Freedom confirmed it and i haven't rubbed it in Jake's face that he was wrong yet. SPEAKINGGGGG of that Sonora show. Winter's Tavern in Sonora is the craziest place I've ever played. Everyone involved with that place is amazing. If you have a chance definitely make the trek over there to see a show, you won't regret it. I heard someone put a giant hole in the wall during our set because people were getting so nuts, then after our set the owner put the Lightweight Championship belt on, took his shirt off, and ran to the front of the bar yelling about how he's been a Lightweight since he was 4 years old. I'll never forget that show. The upstairs was a red nightmare world, and the bottom was so packed they had to turn people away at the door.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

DONN: Rancid and the Aqua Bats, I had a balcony ticket but my Mohawk was over a foot tall and the doorman said "That's the biggest hawk I've seen in two days, if you have a balcony ticket chuck it, cause you're on the floor now"

JEFF: sounds of the underground music festival

JAKE: Slipknot, which I think coincidentally Jeff was there before we met?

BRYAN: I may be wrong, but i think it was Slipknot.. wait what's going on, did we all go to that show?

What's a fun fact about Lightweight?

DONNY: we all live in different cities but we play in Sacramento. Our drummer lives in Stockton, Our bassist lives in the foothills of skull country, our rhythm guitar player lives in sac, and I live in Chico.

JEFF: Lightweight has had a lineup that has changed over it's development and everyone involved are still best friends.

JAKE: One time (probably 8 or 9 years ago) Bryan and I got into a fight and people had to stop me from hitting him with a shovel, we've all been friends for like 10 years and laugh about it now.

BRYAN: Lightweight started as a hardcore band and the idea was that we were going to write a Donte's Inferno concept album, then we accidentally started writing the stuff we have now and here we are..

What does 2018 look like for Lightweight?

DONNY: it's the year we travel all over and make new friends and fans and get our name out there. Record an EP and split here and there.

JEFF: I hope lightweight meets it's goal to maintain it's momentum of shows and have two releases by the end of the year

JAKE: More shows, a couple releases, and hopefully more fun than I’ve ever had with these guys in the last 10 years!

BRYAN: tightweight

That was good, Bryan, I liked that. Thank you guys so much for doing this - best of luck to you all!


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