San Jose Pop-Punk band Crosswalk was super cool and kind enough to do an interview with me last week. Check out what these fine young men have to say about school, music, and the name we all know - Rodrick Heffley

What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Riley Towle-Drums

Dylan Van-Guitar

Liam Fowler-Vocals

Alex Muret-Guitar

Morgan Hammond-Bass

Great! So, how long have each of you been making music? What made you want to start?

Riley: Dylan, Alex and I started the band when they met at a music school called School of Rock at age 12. Since then we have played many shows together, and developed many similar musical interests, one being pop punk. After quitting SoR at around age 15, we all decided to quit and start playing together in my music room I had upstairs. During the summer going into our sophomore year, we found Liam Fowler for vocals and Dylan Thomas for bass. Shortly after, Morgan Hammond replaced Dylan Thomas, and we quickly started to write music and play shows

What bands inspired the formation of Crosswalk?

Riley and Dylan: Everyone in the band shares an everlasting love for Löded Diper. We also all listen to bands like Neck Deep, State Champs, The Story So Far, Trash Boat, With Confidence, WSTR, and small influences from Slipknot

Well duh, Loded Diper is a classic. How is it balancing school and music?

Dylan: Balancing school and music is relatively easy for us because we all do relatively well in school and can make commitments to music in our day to day lives. We typically have practice every Monday which makes it easy for us to stay connected and keep writing new music.

You guys recently put out a single. Who or what influenced “Kicked To The Curb”?

Riley: The guitar riff for that song was inspired by the song “Gold Steps” by Neck Deep. It was one of the first songs Dylan and I ever wrote together. When Liam joined the band, he wrote the chorus for it, and from that point we decided to write it while being inspired my the movie “Big Daddy” where the girl leaves a guy because he does not care about the relationship

I actually picked up on that! Heavy Neck Deep vibes. As well as Brand New! So keep doing what you're doing, it's sounding great! Anyways, what do you hope to get out of or gain from Crosswalk?

Dylan: Crosswalk to me is a little bit of everything you put down. It’s an incredibly fun past time, jamming with your friends creating new songs and ideas, playing shows. The main goal of Crosswalk is fun. Crosswalk is also a great learning experience for all of us as bandmates, for all of us this is our first band (except for Riley) but generally we’re all still new to this. We’re learning lots of new things along the way, how to record in the studio, how to work with others to solve problems, how to set up at a show. This is all really helpful to us and may help to launch us into a musical career if we wish to do so

What is Crosswalks spirit animal?

That’s a tough tie between Lightning McQueen and Rodrick Heffley ~The whole shabang

The Speed Lord and The Edge Lord!? I knew there was a reason I liked you guys. So, what is your best piece of advice for a kid who wishing to become pop-punk as fuck?

Well, lets just say, It’s not an easy job. First, you need to eat three large cheese pizza’s every day in order to maintain a healthy diet. Second, you need to be able to land an ollie. Third, you have to wear lots of flannels in the winter, tank tops in the summer, have an annoyingly large amount of khaki shorts, and complain about your hometown. Sk8 0r D13

I can ollie, but I guess I should up my pizza game :/ What does 2018 hold for Crosswalk?

A full length album will be released, we will hopefully be playing many more shows, more music aside from the album (acoustic songs, singles, etc.) and we expect to grow and mature as a band.

Well, thank you guys for dong this with me, I wish ya'll the best of luck and that one day, you get to jam Loded Diper


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