Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy is a Kansas City based four piece indie rock band. They were cool enough to do interview with me this week, read blow to see what's up!

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Peter: Guitar, vocals

Shaun: Guitar, vocals

Quinn: Drums, vocals

Jared: Bass, vocals

Everybody sings! That's cool, guys! Can you describe Momma's Boy with three words?

Momma's Boy: Melodies, moods, memes

Who or what are your inspirations for music?

Momma's Boy: We love to pull from real life stories and moments in our lives for our songs - a majority of the lyrics have some basis in reality. In terms of musical inspirations, we listen to a lot of soul 45s, Twin Peaks, Hoops, Neil Young, Boy Pablo, and a lot of hip-hop, actually. (You can listen to what we’re listening to via our monthly playlists *wink wink*.) In terms of aesthetics, we’re somewhere between dadcore and retro rock ‘n’ roll.

How is recording handled for Momma's Boy?

Momma's Boy: We record with Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios in KC, but we do all the writing and demoing on our own at home. Our recordings are live with overdubs after we do the main tracking. Lately we’ve been trying to incorporate more keys and auxiliary percussion like shakers, wood block, clave and bongos because that’s how you make sessi music.

What is your favorite Momma's Boy song and why?

Momma's Boy: We’re always into our new jams so probably our latest single, “Want Me Back.” It’s our grooviest number and has some R&B vibes going on.

What piece of gear is most essential for playing live?

Momma's Boy: We’re always into our new jams so probably our latest single, “Want Me Back.” It’s our grooviest number and has some R&B vibes going on.

What is the biggest positive and what is the biggest negative about being in a band?

Momma's Boy: Getting to travel to new cities and help people get their wiggles out is pretty great; paying for everything sucks.

What is the local scene like in KC?

Momma's Boy: The scene in KC has a lot of young talent that flies under the radar, but overall it’s pretty supportive, especially if you’re willing to give your energy to the community. For the most part, it’s kind of split into three pieces of pie: the punk and hip-hop DIY scene spanning from East of Troost to LFK; the indie pop, roots pop, and alternative scene popular with local radio and festivals; and the ever-present jazz and blues scene that KC is known for nationwide.

Well hey, diversity is key! What does this year hold for Momma's Boy?

Momma's Boy: This year, we take steps toward taking over the world by spreading like a plague over the midwest region. Since we’re based in Kansas City, we’ve got Columbia, St. Louis, Springfield, Chicago, Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, Fayetteville, Nashville, Tulsa, etc. in our sights. Was that a long list? Our bad, boo. We’re also releasing a bunch of music in the first half of the year (with a tour to follow in the summer). Our plans right now are to release a physical compilation tape of the Dead Summer Singles (of which “Want Me Back” is the third), an acoustic Trump protest cassette with some KC locals, and a 7” vinyl pressing of two new songs in early summer. Our plan is to do all that, keep playing out, and then start development on some kind of full-length, but who knows!

Hell no! The longer the list, the better! Its good to have big goals.

Thanks again for doing this you guys, it was fun!


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