Dark Serenity

Dark Serenity is a hard-rock trio based in Ann Arbor Michigan. Read below for what they have to say about beginnings, leaning lessons, and much more!

What's your name and what do you do in the band?

My name is Mike, and I play drums.

My name is Kate, and I play the guitar and sing.

My name is Zach, and I am the bassist.

How did Dark Serenity get its start?

Mike: I was invited to join the band after lineup issues with previous members. I had always wanted to be in a band and was already passionate about playing them, so it was the opportunity I was looking for.

Kate: I had always wanted to be a "rock star" since I was just six years old. I played guitar from that time on and started singing at 11. When I was in highschool I joined Dark Serenity as it was back then, with different previous members, and Zach as it's founding member (who was the one who invited me in).

Zach: I founded the idea for the band in 2012. I made the band because of my passion for music, which all goes back to my childhood idols, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler

What is the most important lesson being in a band has taught you?

Mike: You have to stay on top of every responsibility; every phone call, email, gig, and practice/recording session.

Kate: Being an optimist brings more valuable opportunities than being a pessimist. If you believe you will not get what you are working so hard for, it will a lot harder to accomplish even smaller feats.

Zach: I'd say discipline, setting a regimen, and teamwork. The band has taught me these things more than anything else in my life has.

What is the best show you've ever played?

Mike: Opening up for Graham Bonnett and Joe Lynn Turner. It was insane meeting people we've listened to for so long.

Kate: I agree with Mike. That show was the best one to date, for that reason, and in addition, we had amazing audience interaction.

Zach: Opening up for Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnett. We connected well with the audience; it really felt like people we're engaged in our music. The Detroit Music Festival also was an incredible gig

Sounds amazing! What song do you feel defines Dark Serenity?

Mike: We have a song called 'Black Sheep' that we can all relate to the story of.

Kate: I agree, Black sheep is powerful because it tells the story of a young kid struggling with the weight of his family's expectations to conform to a corporate career and sheltered lifestyle, and how he rejects those values.

Zach: Our song 'For the Best'. When we play that song, i feel the most connection between us all when we play; everyone is working off of and reading one another.

If Dark Serenity was a food, what would it be?

Mike: I think it would be pizza. Who doesn't like pizza?

Kate: I've never considered that, but I suppose I agree. Pizza is a universally loved food, and we also hope to appeal to a universal audience.

Zach: I don't know, I would say lasagna, because there's lots of laters to the food just as there are layers in our sound.

Man, pizza and a lasagna! What makes Dark Serenity different than other rock bands?

Mike: We think we're different because we're bringing back 'rock'. Not any other subgenre, just good old fashioned rock music.

Kate: We think we're different because we have a more classic, raw sound, as well as a female as the front and only guitarist. It's something you don't see that often.

Zach: Having a female lead in a power-trio is something that is virtually unheard of, so I think that's unique.

What is your best piece of advice for new musicians?

Mike: You shouldn't let people tell you that you can't make it.

Kate: I would say the best advice I can give to new musicians is that you should never underestimate how much practicing matters. You should never be content with your level of skill, you should always keep pushing forward. The more you push yourself, the more you'll surprise yourself and reach your goals.

Zach: You can never practice enough.

Solid! What does 2018 look like for Dark Serenity?

Mike: 2018 looks like a lot of gigging and practice, and an EP release.

Kate: It does look like endless gigging and practice as well as an EP release, but it also looks like new opportunities and connections to be made.

Zach: Continuing to do shows, releasing our EP, and a potential tour are in the near future.

Awesome guys! Thanks for doing this, we'll look forward to everything :)


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