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Bringing you the latest in pop punk, Picasso The Banshee, is a local group of three sad boys who jam hard and work hard. We did an interview earlier this week. Who are these sad boys? How do you become one? What about playing music?! All your questions are answered here. Read below for further details.

What are your names and what role do you play in the band?

Andrew Hayes I play guitar and provide vocals

Angel and I play drums for Picasso.

Jacob and I play bass

Awesome, hello, everyone! Who or what inspired you to start making music?

Andrew: I big influence of mine has always been blini 182 , as to what, I always loved the idea that I could effect the people around me with stories and that could help them in their own personal lives or even inspire themselves.

Angel: Family growing up were musicians and I always grew up in a very music household so it came naturally. As for inspiration it one from people/bands/artists like buddy rich, Oscar Peterson, blink-182, descendents, the doors, Stevie wonder, various Motown/oldies artists like Brenton wood, Aretha Franklin, the Manhattans etc and a lot of old hip hop from the 80s until now.

Jacob: My dad has been a musician most of his life and his extensive library of albums has shaped my taste in music

Describe Picasso The Banshee with three words.

Andrew: Energetic, excellent, lovely

Angel: Down To Fun.

Jacob: Sad is happy

Sounds great! Tell us about your first show as a band?

Andrew: The first show with this iteration of the band was at out of the park pizza in Anaheim. It was one hell of a party lots of people showed because we hadn't performed in a good while and it was the first show with our drummer Angel.

Angel: First show was kick ass. More fun with them in the first show than my old band. Much better music and a hella positive vibe.

Jacob: Since Angel is our second drummer, I feel the vibe was better than what we had in the past. And better is good

What is the best thing being in a band has taught you?

Andrew: Patience and the willingness to be open to ideas not your own.

Angel: Best I’ve learned from being in a band is to always be open to new ideas and always be willing to work with your mates to write new things and step out of your comfort zone.

Jacob: I'd rather go solo haha

Okay, Jacob, I wee how it is, haha. What is Picasso The Banshee's spirit animal? - other than Picasso and Banshees of course.

Andrew: That would most likely be a cat

Angel: Fuck if I know lol

Jacob: Ryan Reynolds

How does one become a Sad Boy?

Andrew: To become a sad boy one must take a lot of torment in ones life and then dwell there with no chance of escape.

Angel: Listen to sad music. Write sad things. Just be sad.

Jacob: Biologically, when your dopamine levels are low and you're not exposed to sunlight, you tend to feel sad. That and listening to The Cure and Radiohead as a child

Well, the good news is that I'm 3/4 of the way there! What is your favorite Picasso The Banshee song?

Andrew: I honestly have a hard time picking and this answer changes from day to day. I'd say Villains is always a contender as my favorite.

Angel: Soon to be released(hopefully) Ghosts. One of my most favorite songs I’ve helped rewrite and piece together with these dudes cuz it’s in your face and fun but gets deep and sad and just hits you hard and makes you just want to bang your head.

Jacob: My Mom Says is my favorite song because oh mah gawd why wouldn't it be? That shit is tight

What is your number one piece of gear for playing live?

Angel: Andrew: That'd be my guitar tuner on my pedal board hahaha

Number one piece of gear I always make sure I have is a stick bag my older brother made me. Best gift ever. Never play live without it.

Jacob: I gotta have that GK Backline 600 head. It's my powerhouse

Where is one place you want to travel to and play?

Andrew: I'd love to travel to the UK that and Australia.

Angel: Being able to travel the US would be cool. Just as long as it’s out of our local area and we get to see the country I’m down wit that.

Jacob: McDonald's parking lot

What's next for Picasso The Banshee?

Andrew: A lot. Our 2nd ep is in the mixing process, when that's complete the single will be released with our first music video to accompany it, followed by a mini documentary. All exciting stuff!

Angel: New things to come. A NEW EP hopefully. More shows and once things are moving maybe some new merch too.

Jacob: Full length record out hopefully soon and touring to a city near you

Awesome, you guys! We'll look forward to everything! Thanks again for doing this and thanks for using proper spelling and grammar ;)


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