It's Me: Ross

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of interviewing It's Me: Ross. This group is a four piece from Columbia, Missouri and are known for their curly bass lines, dual guitar solos, and drum solos. from alternative rock to indie punk, It's Me: Ross has got you covered. Keep reading for fun facts, unique qualities, and future plans!

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Ross: Guitar, vox

Spenser: Guitar

Marielle: Bass

Quintin: Drums

Nice to meet you all, what is one interesting fact about each of you?

Ross: I got slapped in the face with a piece of pizza in middle school.

Quintin: My friend threw a flute in the toilet in middle school and I got in trouble for it.

Spenser: Back in middle school I knew this guy that used to play hacky sack with a bunch of iPods.

Marielle: I've got a sweet vintage Naruto poster that I got in middle school

Middle school was an interesting time. What makes Its Me: Ross different from other alternative rock bands?

Ross: People tell us we've got a diverse sound that blends indie rock, jazz, funk, soul. People also really like our dual guitar solos and winding bass lines and we get compared to Thin Lizzy and Sheer Mag a lot-- but we've also been compared to Steely Dan and the Tony Hawks Pro Skater soundtrack. So I guess we're really all over the place.

Who are some musicians that have served as inspiration for It's Me: Ross?

Quintin: Project Pat, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, Yellowman.

Ross: Suffocation, Arthur Verocai, Digable Planets.

Spenser: Korean drama soundtracks and Wes Montgomery.

Marielle: 김예인, KMD, Fats Waller

Best and worst experience from a live show?

Spenser: Anytime people in the audience are singing along, dancing, falling over, or knocking stuff over is usually a good time. One time when we played with Nobunny, Ross broke 3 guitar strings in a set, which was ridiculous.

Marielle: 3 different guitars, one of which was not his.

Ross: After the first two, I expected to break another one.

If Its Me: Ross was a food, what food what would it be?

Spenser: Shrimp Étouffée

Fancy! How is recording handled for It's Me: Ross?

Ross: All done in my parent's basement, overdubbed by myself, on a really shitty computer with a 10 year old version of Protools. Live stuff/practice recordings are also done in my basement or by Dylan Martin (sound general @ Cafe Berlin)

What does the near future look like for Its Me: Ross, any music? Shows?

Ross: The future is looking cool, we're planning on touring up the east coast this summer, we've got a music video coming out for our new single called "The Knife" (hopefully within next month), and we've got an LP coming out sometime in late summer/early autumn.

We'll look forward to it! Thanks again for doing this :)


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