"The Knife" - Its Me: Ross

"The Knife" is a single released by Its Me: Ross in November of 2017. The song opens with an upbeat, energetic feel. As the tunes carry on, one would pick up on a surfer-rock vibe but also a raspy kind of vocal - imagine if Kurt Cobain joined the Beach Boys, but they added a marimba player. This song is a perfect exemplification of layered music. Predominantly, rhyming vocals and two catchy guitars lead the way - adding dual solos, as promised! Deeper in the track, sits hard-hitting drum fills and marimba that puts the icing on the cake. Around 2:05, the speed and feel of the song decline into what sounds like relaxing tribal hymns just to pick up speed with musical texture and layered embellishments. This section appears after what seems to be the bridge of the song and serves as a transition into a delicious pile of dynamic changes and melodic bad-assery. Around 3:06, the tribal vibes fade and are replaced with the soundtrack of mystic space travel - techno harmonies and solid rhythm. The piece concludes with a long decrescendo leaving listeners as though they have just embarked on a energy fueled, society changing mission. On that note, this song embraces multiple styles and cultures of music - a quality that is much valued in todays separating society because as much as division is present, music brings us together, and this song is a magnificent example of that. Its Me: Ross has really put their best foot forward with this one!

GIVE THIS GREAT TRACK, AMONG OTHERS, A LISTEN https://itsmeross.bandcamp.com/

disclaimer: this is my first ever music review. I would like it to be taken seriously, but please know that I don't know what I'm doing quite yet, so I did my best to give my kind, honest opinions and am thankful for the opportunity :)

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