September Mourning

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview Emily Lazar of September Mourning based out of LA, California. September Mourning is not only a kick ass alternative hard rock band, but they're also a graphic novel project. Their eclecticness brings a unique element to stage, to their music., and to their story lines. Read below to see what's up!

Who are the brilliant minds behind September Mourning?

Hi I'm Emily Lazar and I play the character of September and am the founder/ creator of the band

Nice to meet you, Emily! What is the mission and vision statement, if you will, of September Mourning?

Emily: September mourning is a transmedia project based around a storyline. We have a comic book series also published through Image/ Top Cow Comics and on the music / live performance side we are a band signed to Sumerian Records

If someone had never heard of September Mourning, what song would you tell them to listen to?

Emily: 20 Below

Sounds sick! I'll get on that. Who or what are some of your inspirations in regards to music and art?

Emily: Marc Silvestri, my biz partner on the comic book side is def one of them... In music everything from Souxisie and the Banchees, the Cure, Korn, Evanescence, Sza, Sia, The Weeknd ... we take inspiration from a lot of different places.

Best and worst tour memory?

Emily: Every time we meet fans we have great memories.... their stories of how we have inspired them and sometimes even rescued them from dark places in life are some of the best memories ever.... I don't have any bad ones... just funny ones if that haha.... tour is amazing. Performing in front of our fans who are almost like family at this point is an incredible feeling.

Most essential piece of gear for playing live?

Emily: My microphone and my in ear monitors!

How is it working with Sumerian Records?

Emily: They are an amazing label with incredible artists

I'd have to agree! Anything else you’d like to add?

Emily: We are working on a new record right now.... exploring new sounds... the 3rd and 4th issue of the comic book will be out this year as well!


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