Perfect Score

Despite my busy schedule and the craziness over at Perfect Score Headquarters, this awesome band still had to do a fun interview with me. Perfect Score is a Pop Punk band from Sacramento, CA. Perfect Score runs of pizza and good vibes. Keep reading to see what they had to say about their music journey thus far!

Who are the guys behind Perfect Score?

Perfect Score: Perfect Score is just a bunch of goofy, fun-loving dudes that want to have fun and make awesome music! More specifically, Perfect Score is known for the hair, the beard, the glasses, the short one, and the tall one.

What inspired you to peruse music?

Perfect Score: Growing up on MTV and VH1 and watching huge crowds being enthralled by people doing what they love. The passion and energy from mid-2000’s pop punk bands and the response they got from their audiences was definitely inspiring.

What are three words to describe Perfect Score?

Perfect Score: Energetic, diverse, and heartfelt.

Best memory from attending a show?

Jef: Does seeing Diplo play at Burning Man while watching a trio of hot topless fire spinners count? I mean, I think it does!

Cameron: Watching Green Day play most of their old songs on their 21st Century Breakdown tour at Mountain View!

Heck yeah Diplo counts! Best memory from playing a show?

Perfect Score: Definitely stepping on stage in front of a roaring crowd at Ace of Spades! That entire set went by so fast but it was without a doubt the best moment and memory we have had as a band.

Great! I frequent the Ace of Spades quit a lot - hope to see you there ;) How’s the local scene in Sacramento?

Perfect Score: The local scene is great. There are so many talented artists and amazing people involved in the Sacramento scene and we’re so happy to be surrounded by all this talent!

Perfect Score was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

Perfect Score: A combination of cookie dough, rocky road, and maple habanero! Because we’ve got flavors that many different people can enjoy and put it all together you just get a whole clusterfuck of spicy musical flavor!

I'm glad to know that other people use the word clusterfuck. Are any of you in school? What’s it like balancing school and music?

Perfect Score: Our lead guitarist Chris is the only one in school, but he feels like he’s not due to only having one class left!

What are the major keys to becoming pop punk as fuck?

Perfect Score: Pizza flavored cereal. Pizza flavored ice cream. Pizza flavored khaki shorts. Khaki shorts on top of your pizza. It’s a lifestyle choice, but sometimes you’re just born with it.


So, where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to play?

Perfect Score: Is it too early to say Madison Square Garden?

What does the near future look like for Perfect Score?

Perfect Score: We are currently in the process of recording our debut EP with Henry of Anxious & Loud. We will also be filming a music video and plan to release it all in the summer! Besides that, ripping some more gigs and getting our name out there!

Sweet you guys! We'll look forward to everything! Thanks again for letting me interview you!


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