Eggs on Mars

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Eggs on Mars is garage band of the rock, punk, and psych genres alike. I had the honor of interviewing them early last week. Read below for the inside scoop on Eggs. . . .on Mars!

What are your names and what role do you play in Eggs on Mars?

Brad: My name is Brad Smith and I play guitar and sing

Justin: My name is Justin Longmeyer and I play bass and do some backing vocals

Mason: Mason Potter and I play drums and sometimes scream

So now I know your names, how did the band get its name?

Justin: The name started as an inside joke and parody of my former band’s name, Consider the Lemming. We were coming up with ridiculous three word names for Brad’s new band, and Eggs on Mars was one of them. He ended up really liking it and it stuck. It’s goofy and kind of surreal, which I think is really appropriate for our personalities.

Who or what inspired the music and lyrics for the new album - "In a Desert Place"?

Brad: I’ve been wanting to make this album since I was 14 years old. I’ve always loved concept albums, like Tommy, The Wall, etc. And I always thought the story of Moses and the exodus would make a neat concept album. I always watched stuff like Cecille B. Demille’s 10 Commandments with Charlton Heston and loved the epic-ness of it all. Therefore, lyrically this album is more thematic and intense than our other albums. I think through telling these stories and writing the songs some personal stuff gets in there, but for the most part on this one we are just trying to tell an epic story.

Justin: Brad’s songwriting is always really personal, his lyrics are usually about what’s going on in his life or about what he’s dealing with. This album is a big departure from that, and in my opinion Brad handled the songwriting really well. Religious songs tend to tread the same ground over and over, but with these songs we were able to tell the story from new perspectives without alienating non-religious people.

Mason: For most of my parts, it was really about creating things as you were going. The process was so fast that some songs seemed more fleshed out than others, but for the most part everything came out pretty great musically!

What was the biggest challenge while creating this album?

Brad: Time constraints. We all graduated from college in the last year, so working and other things made make it hard to find time just to get songs recorded. Also, recording is always my least favorite part of the musical process, which makes recording a constant challenge for myself. Sometimes it causes me to call something finished before it maybe should be.

Justin: Even though there’s just three of us, it’s been hard to get all our schedules clear for recording. We tried to keep it simple though, and that helped us a lot.

Do you work with a producer? Are all instruments tracked live?

Justin: I am the producer in that I own the eight track recorder. I hit the record button and mix the tracks a bit, but with the equipment I own we have pretty limited control.

Mason: Live tracking is kind of our thing.

Solid! Describe the album with one word?

Brad: Epic

Justin: Raw

Mason: Jenga

How is the local scene in Kansas City?

Brad: We enjoy our little corner of it. There are cool bands like Jules Sees Miracles, Closed Quarters, and Grim Repeater who are always down to play. We just played at the Rino in North KC, and it was a lot of fun. For the most part, I feel like the scene is pretty inviting and most bands, big or small, are willing to let newer, lesser-known bands join in.

Justin: Metal bands and Tech Nine-esque rap groups are really popular, so the rock/indie scene is smaller and closer knit. It seems like you always know someone who knows someone in a band you’re playing with.

Mason: I’d have to agree with Brad’s sentiment, but there are times when the glass ceiling hits you. Basically when, as a band, you’ve done all you can do without having a label/agent backing you and getting you the gigs you really want to play with the large touring bands.

If Eggs on Mars was an ice cream flavor, what flavor would it be?

Brad: Orange sherbet

Justin: S’mores, the perfect trio of flavors

Mason: I think we’re more of a gelato band. (“...milk and eggs b**tch.”)

Gelato band. I love it! What does the rest of 2018 look like for Eggs on Mars?

Brad: We will begin working on the follow-up to In A Desert Place very soon and hopefully have another album out before the end of the year. I’ve been stockpiling songs for a while and it will be nice to finally put them out.We’ll definitely be playing some more shows, nothing lined up right now, but the spring and summer are always great times to play shows. This summer we will be hosting our fourth annual musical festival called Voss Stock. We hold it during this little county fair in our hometown in hopes of bringing good music to these rural people.

Mason: As Brad has already expressed, we’ve got about 12 more albums in the making. So stay tuned for the rest of your lives to get some sick tunes from us.

Awesome, guys! Thanks so much for doing this, I look forward to hearing all of "A Desert Place"


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