A Desert Place -Eggs on Mars

A Desert Place by Eggs on Mars is a tentrack musical artwork that encompasses the simplicities, complexities, and overall epic-ness of the stories of Moses and Exodus. Given the religious inspiration, A Desert Place brings something new to the table for Eggs on Mars and definitely to Kansas City, Missouri which was built on rap and metal.

This mind-expanding concept album opens with "Land Once Loved" and acoustic guitar accompanying a deep, melodic vocal. Up next is "Everything That Bothers Me". This track throws out some pop-punk vibes with heavy crash cymbals, pronounced electric guitar, and lyrics that scream "hey! I was right!". "Broke Them All", the third song whose repetition and ease bring sweetness and heavy Modest Mouse vibes. The next song "Don't Send Me" leaves you questioning whether or your not your listening to Brad Smith or if its actually Anthony Kids. Deep vocals and simple drum tracks create a relaxing and soothing sound. Later in the song, a bass solo presents itself followed by a speed-filled guitar riffs and killer drum fills. "Set These People Free" is the third track on the album and opens with heavy beach vibes and punk-type vocals - both lead and backing. Afterwards, comes "Wrath or Wanders" which opens with an attention grabbing guitar part followed by a wicked solos around seven minutes and dives back into the calmer state. Lyrically, the song deals with questioning authority and legitimacy of dieties and other universal beings. A great song for sure. Up next is "Song of the Sea" - a two minutes bop that utilizes acoustic guitar and declares ones own strength as no matter hardships prevent itself, it is possible to keep moving. "Did We Come Here Die?" is back at it with enthralling guitar riffs and explosive crash cymbals. "Mount Sinai" is a great song for easily listening as it rolls in as number seven and is full of soft drum rolls and mellow bass and guitars ensure to keep the stress levels low and the energy flowing. Concluding the album is "Land Once Loved (revisited)". This song features a vocal hiatus and a linear but effective drum pattern, more soothing guitar harmonies and acts as a peaceful resolution to the album full of questions and discovery.





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