The Vox Arcanum

I am so excited to finally be posting an interview with The Vox Arcanum! Its spent a long time in the making and can't wait to share it with you all! The Vox Arcanum is a five piece rock from LA that has a coexisting niche for art across all mediums. The Vox Arcanum is more than a band - it's a project filled with passion and good vibes brought to us by cool dudes full of creativity. Read more below for memories, heartfelt knowledge, and what the deal is with Dr. Pepper?!

Who is The Vox Arcanum?!

Tony Garcia: Vox/Rhythm guitar

Frank Gastelum: Lead Guitar

Gerry Neri: Bass/Vox

Julio Almaguer: Synths/Vox

Brandon Kawasaki: Drums

Solid! Nice to meet ya. Now, tell me, why music, among all other art forms?

TVA: Funnily enough, it is just one of many that our band actually works in. We are currently engaging in a very cinematic music video film-making project that encompasses the written story in our saga "The Tragedy of The Locke Family". We filmed a 3 part video series of interconnecting story beats that will form the murder/mystery in its entirety. We also like the very hands on graphic design portion of the band, creating our logo and branding ourselves as a unique property is exciting. From within the band, our bassist Gerardo Neri created our very own debut album cover on charcoal medium. Music, performing, film-making, story writing, designing, and drawing are all encompassed in The Vox Arcanum. For us, this band by extension is the ultimate catalyst to launch all our passions - in all art forms without limitation. A true release.

Thats great you guys! I love it! So, who or what inspired you to pursue music?

TVA: I think I speak for all of us when I say it was the sheer desire to be creative, and break the mold. Settling for just blending in has never been ok for any of us. Being content creators of all mediums satisfies that nervous tick we all have. Myself personally (Tony), I can attribute my affinity for music to movies and sound-scores. It's a double whammy there because I love the accompaniment of the visual to the auditory and to me it is the ultimate realization of art and story telling in motion. Which also lends to my love of progressive rock and conceptual albums, with expansive story-telling and compositions that hark to the likeness of film scores. Which is something I absolutely embody in The Vox Arcanum's music.

What is your best memory with The Vox Arcanum?

TVA: There are so many to speak of, from our first time playing at The House of Blues, to the release of our debut album, and all the bands we have bonded with over the years of performing - but I do have to say it was our very first performance ever, January 10th, 2015 at the 4th Dimension. The Vox Arcanum is the first and only band I have ever been a part of. It is a passion project of my internal decision to no longer wonder "what if", since I would always wonder what it would be like to write and perform music - but would always tell myself I couldn't. Until one day I did. Performing that day affirmed that I would never look back, and I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. One way or another.

Exactly, you'll never know if you don't try. What beverage would The Vox Arcanum be?

TVA: Dr.Pepper. Because everytime you go back for another sip you taste something different than before, being that it is such an amalgam of different flavors.

HA. Accurate! What is something you wish you had known before starting / being in a band?

TVA: You will only go as far as you are willing to go. To break that down - so many people believe that they can only succeed by the merits of those telling them that they have succeeded. Define success for yourself, and achieve it. Too many are disheartened too soon and quit. Too many bands feel that if they aren't signed they have failed. That's simply not true, it is all about perspective. Take pride in your small victories and persevere. Don't wait for people to tell you when you should take that next challenge as a band, move forward and achieve your goals. Record that EP, release that album, produce that amazing merch design, film that music video, talk to those touring bands, jump in a van and see the country. Don't wait to be told you are good enough, just work hard and never stop. Perfect your craft, be smart, and go get what you are worth. Hustle.

What is the local scene like in LA?

TVA: The local scene in LA feels a bit scattered.There are so many awesome talents around, but it seems as though you are either Hardcore or Indy. So finding a niche for our band, which isn't entirely one or the other, has proven to be tricky but fun. No matter what bill we are on, we bring something new to the table. And we hope to inspire other bands to experiment beyond the labels of their genres.

How is the recording process handled for the bands music?

TVA: We recorded our debut album "Of Time And Fate" with our producer, Rudy Abraham Salas, of The Backroom Studios. The process took about a year, because we were debating weather or not to release an EP, two EP's split across a few months, or compile a complete album. We were also still writing several song which are now on the final version of the record (Undone, Crossover, Of Time and Fate). It also took a while to get our publishing rights in order, but now its paid off and you can find our music everywhere online. With all the time we put into the album, it was well worth it for the finished product, and we are extremely proud of our debut record.

What is the ultimate goal for the band?

TVA: Our ultimate goal is to tell a story. Our music generally revolves around the concept that your fate is unwritten, and that as individuals, we are capable of being so much more. Limitations, boundaries, and even time itself does not exist. You are in control. And you can achieve anything. In music, in life, and in all you choose to apply yourself to.

That's awesome, you guys! Keep workin' hard and thanks again for doing this with me!


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