Sean - Everyday Detour

Everyday Detour is the very successful not-so side project of Sean Rogers from Nashville Tennessee. Read more for Seans thoughts and feelings about fitting so many projects into so little time.

What is your name and what is your job in Everyday Detour?

Sean: I'm Sean Rogers and I am the singer/songwriter and guitarist for Everyday Detour

What is your pornstar name? (the name of you first pet and the first street you lived on?)

Sean: HAHA! I guess it would have to be Chester30 which sounds like a creeper chat room name...I live near a street currently called Bonerwood though and THAT's amazing!

HAHAA That's great! Cleary you like some pop-punk. Who are some of your main influences?

Sean: I'm pretty old school. Mxpx will always be who kickstarted my love for the genre. Early Relient K, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup, The Ataris and New Found Glory. It's hard to just name a few!

Awesome, I love all of them! Where are you from? How is the local scene?

Sean: Born and raised in SW Michigan and have lived in Nashville,TN for 12 years now. The local scene in Nashville is a lot better than most people would think for this genre! It's certainly not all country music and honky tonk bars.

How was the recording process for your latest - Supernova Love?

Sean: Supernova Love came out so easily! I wasn't sure if I was going to feature some other players or do the thing myself since Everyday Detour is technically a solo/side project. I had one of my best friends play drums on it and I tracked everything else myself. I did a making of that was really fun! Check it out!

Will do! Do you prefer Blue or Black Pen?

Sean: If I pick up a blue pend unknowingly, I will spend an infinite amount of time searching for a black one

Hater! What is the best show you've ever played?

Sean: I played a show near Tampa, FL and we were the openers. It was both awesome and kind of sad at the same time because we totally stole the show!

The best show you've ever attended?

Sean: Oh man...Boston or believe it or not, Weird Al.

Where will Everyday Detour be at this time next year?

Sean: Got some more songs in the tank to record so hopefully making more friends and sharing more tunes!

Awesome, looking forward to it!


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