Arrows In Action

Read below for my super rad interview with Arrows In Action from Gainesville, Florida!

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

My name is Jesse Frimmel, I play the drums, sing backup vocals, and make bad jokes.

My name is Victor and I sing and play guitar in Arrows In Action

Adrian De Zayas! I play guitar and pretend to sing backup while making fun of Jesse and Victor. :D

Solid! Who or what inspired you to peruse music?

Jesse: I got into music when a friend made me a mixture of Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Good Charlotte. All Time Low's Straight to DVD inspired me to actually move forward and start this band!

Victor: I grew up in a pretty small town so I think that seeing other local bands play and tour when I was 14 or 15 really Gave me the confidence to start a band and write my own songs.

Adrian: I think I was thirteen. I remember going to my cousin’s music recital and when I watched this younger kid shred to Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son and some Santana. Watching that kid play, it made me want to pick up the guitar and give it a go!

How was the writing and recording for the Coasting EP?

Jesse: Victor has the most insight on this but for me personally I was trying to keep my parts clean, fit with the vocals and rhythm but still add a little more of my own flare to the beats.

Victor: The Coasting EP was a long process but I think that we needed that time to let each song mature and I definitely needed a little bit of time to be satisfied with my lyrics. I started writing each song when I was in California for the summer in 2016 and I think that the scenery and experiences I had while in Los Angeles really colored the mood of each song and let us give the EP a beachy sort of feel. After I came back to Florida, the rest of the band fleshed out the instrumentation and we were able to build we considered to be an EP of singles with no filler songs - but I suppose that's up to the listener to decided haha.

Adrian: The writing for Coasting felt rather natural and easy. Our singer Victor serves as the primary songwriter of the band, coming in with initial ideas and possible structures for songs - be it a melody or a riff or progression. With that first idea, Jesse will throw in ideas for drums and the two of them will hammer out a more defined structure.

What is your best memory from playing a show?

Jesse: Favorite memory playing a show would be opening up for We the Kings. I listened to them a bit growing up and saw them at Warped multiple times. Meeting then and opening up the show for them was pretty awesome.

Victor: Our Coasting EP release show at the Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville definitely has to be my favorite show we've ever played just because we were able to secure such an awesome venue with some of our best friends bands. Because it was a hometown show, it was just like a big party with all our homies and it was really gratifying to hear so many people singing the words to songs we have only publicly released a few days prior.

Adrian: Hearing people sing along during the introduction for MJF is always an uplifting and feelgood moment.

Most recently though, probably jumping into the moshpit during one of our sets while playing guitar. Probably not my smartest moment, but definitely one of the funnest.

What is your best memory from going to a show?

Victor: My very first concert seeing Mayday Parade when I was 17. I got to meet all the guys and caught a drum stick and got it signed by Jake their drummer. Epic fangirl moment for me

Victor: Oh there are so many… Anberlin’s final show is up there. Watching Say Anything playing “...Is A Real Boy” in full was life changing experience.

Adrian: The most specific moment? I think it would have to be when someone crowd surfed a rotisserie chicken to Tyler Carter while he was playing a set with Issues. It was so bizarre yet so hysterical. I’m patiently waiting for that to happen with us. Love me some chicken.

Wow. Same here. I’d love to see that happen. If Arrows In Action is was a beverage, what beverage would it be?

Jesse: I would say we're a double espresso vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks. The perfect pick me up on a summer day, with just a tint of basic to round it out.

Victor: My vote would be a straight espresso shot: Hard-hitting, refreshing, and energetic.

Adrian: Definitely something with caffeine. An espresso or a latte with some whip cream and chocolate chip or sprinkles while sneaking in a bit a peppermint schnapps and coffee liquor.

How is the local scene in Gainesville?

Jesse: Awesome! So much diversity and talent here. We've been here for 5 years and new bands are popping up all the time, with the stable older bands building up a solid reputation. The community is awesome and we're happy to be a part of it.

Victor: The local scene in Gainesville is awesome because I feel like so many bands in this town just want to support each other, whether that's by coming to shows, cross-promoting or even just setting up shows with eclectic lineups to really make each show as new and exciting as possible. It's really great to be able to brainstorm and jam with other groups in Gainesville because I feel like it helps us expand our sound and continuously challenge our band on multiple fronts with new endeavors.

Adrian:Alive and well! A very eclectic and passionate collective of bands and artists. It’s a great scene to get your start and there are plenty of people in town who love music and going to shows.

Where do you see Arrows In Action at this time next year?

Jesse: I definitely see us moving up! By then we'll have had a new album out and we plan to really really push this next album to see where it can take us. Much thanks to all of our current fans and any new ones reading this. I started this band on a whim and seeing

everyone listening and enjoying these songs we are making is so incredible, thank you.

Victor: We've been writing a lot of new music and trying to play in as many cities as we can so I hope that we play a few shows on the East coast and optimally have our first full-length album released by this time next year.

Adrian:I see moving nowhere but upward. Currently we’re working on our first full-length album, so I expect everyone to buy it - out-selling Kelly Clarkson with all our songs going multi-platinum.

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