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Today, I have interview for you all with Benny Goodman from One Short Breath. Aside from playing multiple roles in the band, Benny works as a producer. Read below for his views on music, drinks, and the timeless argument - Metallica v. Megadeth.

What is your name and what is your role in the band?

My name is Benny Goodman, I sing, play keyboard, as well as produce One Short Breath.

Nice to meet ya! Describe One Short Breath in three words?

Benny: Heavy Fucking Metal

For sometime whose never heard of your band, what song do you suggest they listen to?

Benny: Any song, as a musician you want to think every one is your best, every one exemplifies you. I'm not sure if that's the case because music is so subjective, but when you release music and everyone seems to have a different favorite song, you know you're onto something. So I always say just listen to whatever you want and if it draws you in, you like what you hear, listen to the next one, too. With that said, you can download our EP Wavelength for free at and tell us what your favorite song is.

Will do. Who or what served as inspiration for your new EP - Wavelength?

Benny: All of us. We put this band together and let the chemistry between us do its thing. Donny, one of our guitarists usually comes in with some monster riffs and we just go from there. Every one of us has different influences so the inspiration comes from years of listening to other bands and synthesizing all of that into each of our respective styles. We wanted to make heavy metal that was both heavy but also melodic and accessible to more than just metal fans. I'm a big fan of bands like Pantera and Sevendust. They were sort of the baseline of what we were aiming for: power groove and chorus' that hit hard. I'm not a fan of music that is just heavy but you can't sing along to it, so we really wanted to emphasize the musicality of this band more than just being SLAAAAYYYEERRRR!!!!

How was tracking and recording for the EP handled?

Benny: I run Speak EZ Studios ( and @speakezstudios) so we pretty much wrote and produced all of the songs in the studio. Donny would come up with riffs and we would get them tape and start expanding. Everyone would go home, listen to what we were working on, hone their parts, and then come back to the studio and lay them down. So what you're hearing is very much a studio creation. I don't even begin to write lyrics or melodies until a song is completed and I can sit and listen to it obsessively in my car. I always ensure that the music is something I feel I can be inspired to write melodies over, but beyond that I'm not sure what is going to come out until we all sit down in a studio and just work the creativity out.

Creativity is key! How is the local scene in Boston?

Benny: The local scene in Boston is like a lot of towns. It used to be absolutely amazing 15 years ago, but unfortunately music has been devalued as a whole and its becoming harder and harder for bands to afford to exist and harder to entice fans to spend money on tickets when there aren't as many live concert venues as there used to be. Fortunately, we have been lucky enouch to play the Freedom Rally in downtown Boston in front of about 10k people and we have been embraced by both the Boston scene and the Providence, RI scene which is actually starting to seriously pickup thanks to the promoter Justin Marcotte who is single-handedly putting on shows with bands like us that don't necessarily have the same forum as cover bands or DJs.

I know its 2018, but . . . team Metallica or team Megadeth?

Benny: I mean, that's like asking tits or ass, man. Depends. I grew up thinking Metallica was the end all, be all. Those first few records are such classics that they are almost synonymous with metal. But, as an adult I think Megadeth wins on virtually every level since those classic albums. They are technically more proficient, there songs are better composed, and they just rock harder. Metallica has let me down consistently since 1992 and even though Death Magnetic was decent, the sound quality made it virtually unlistenable to anyone with keen ears. It literally gives you noise fatigue because of how its mastered. Every Megadeth album sounds crisp, together, and focused and between Kiko, Marty Friedman, and Chris Broderick, Kirk Hammett doesn't have a chance. Still, I'll take Master of Puppetts over virtually anything, but you go and see Metallica live and despite them having great energy, as a musician it can be hard to listen to because Lars just doesn't keep consistent time...ever. So from that standpoint, Megadeth destroys because they are one of the tightest bands in the land. God, why did you get me started?!?!?!?!

Sorry, I couldn't help it. If One Short Breath was a beverage, what would it be?

Benny: Bacardi 151 or Gatorade (do you drink :P)

It's a no from me, I'm still underage :P. What does the near future look like for the band?

Benny: We need to get more music and media out there. We have spent two years writing and recording a whole bunch of songs that haven't seen the light of day, so over the next year you will consistently see and hear new music and videos that we have amassed over that time followed by shows. Stay tuned. We are about to blow this place up. Thanks for everyone's support, now go and download Wavelength for free and tell your friends.

I'm ready! I'll definitely spread the words. Thanks again for doing this and best of luck!




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