Of Time and Fate - The Vox Arcanum

Of Time and Fate is the debut album of The Vox Arcanum based out of Los Angeles, California. The men in this band spent about a year working hard, writing hard, and working out the kinks with their music and publishing rights. Of Time and Fate is a twelve-track full length album that combines influences and sounds of hard rock, orchestral music, and metal to create what has become the band's signature sound. The album seems to play like a sound score from a movie and takes listeners along a hero's journey and it explores genres, instruments, and textures. Here's what I have to say about it.

Undone: The album opens with a quick introduction song that stars with classical sounding piano and guitar with hints of strings. Undone vibrates in a spooky but empowering way and hooks listeners in for what is to come.

Lomond: The second song this record opens with a conversation between soothing guitars and a stable kick drum and ride cymbal. Layers go vocals pile up until the fast paced chorus breaks with a drum fill. The song becomes very adventurous around four minutes and reminds me quite a lot of Iron Maiden.

Her Melody Box: The third track adds some flavor to the first half of the album incorporating spoken word that is accompanied by stable, hollow sounding drums.

Chronofatum: Later taking the fourth spot on the band's debut album, Chronofatum was originally realized as a single and is definitely my favorite track on the record. The song opens with a solid, heavy kick drum and guitars. The plot thickens as we hear our character "walking lines between life and death" and wondering "what will become of" him. The last minute of this song features a guitar solo that builds suspense with special sound affects as the character reminds us "do not fear whats to come. Do not fear destiny"

The Denial of Fate: Zippy strings are heard in this track and along with Her Melody Box, adds flavor to the beginning of the record by introducing a passionate and persevering dialogue of a man and a women. This track perhaps deals with confusion, forgiveness, and the beginning of the end.

O'Ryans Death Wish: The sixth track on this album starts of calm but will soon send you hurdling through space as it is fast paced and contains high energy drum-based badassery. This song is perhaps the battle scene of the movie. As the character begs "O'Ryan, please don't go without me -just let me go if you love me". After a bit of craziness, things slow back down as a time of reflection. Towards the end, Spanish guitars find their way into the track for a while and things pick up speed once again, to fade out with a quite literal twinkle.

Taken Asunder: A pirates life for me? This track is a short instrumental song that features running water and some whistles and hums. Quite possibly, it serves as a time for peace and contemplation for our character.

In Due Time: Back at it again with the drums and guitars, the track opens with heavy Metallica Vibes and slowly layers in more strings, which at around two minutes forty seconds, build more confidence as does our character - "I will be that one" we hear as things get quite fast and fade out at the end.

Reversal of Fate: Another instrumental track presents itself in the number nine spot on this record as suspense, maybe anxiety, builds within us and the hero of the film.

Cross Over: Cross Over is another slow jam that really digs into the drum rolls and soft, reassuring vocals. Around the last minute of the song, things transition into a triumph of vocals and strings - the mix of hard rock and orchestra our guys in The Vox Arcanum had promised.

Avon's Melody Box: This song is another that features a female voiced spoken words. This dialogue happens over spooky, chimes instruments as she questions "how could you do this to me"

Avon: Heavy moods present themselves in song. Opening with strings and bass drums, continuing to some more Maiden like guitar parents and vocals. This song perhaps serves as a time for the character to do some souls searching, let out some anger, and change for the better.

Of Time and Fate: Originally a hidden track, this song likes to hang out at the end of the album on Spotify and places itself perfectly to be the "happy ending". As the album concludes with slow guitars, our story comes to a close.

First of all, I would like to commend The Vox Arcanum for putting together such a beautiful artwork and combining multiple mediums. If I were to make one critique, I would suggest that the vocals be pulled forward in the tracks because at times, they were hard to hear and understand beneath all the intricate instruments, but overall, The Vox Arcanum's debut album Of Time and Fate was a masterpiece and I will definitely listen to it again. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of Of Time and Fate. Be sure to follow the band on Instagram and give this great first record a listen on Spotify :)

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