Michael Schuster - Baseline

Picture Credits: Stephanie Masters

Photo Credits: Stephanie Masters

Baseline is a five piece pop punk band from Arizona. Having just put out a record, lets see what their lead singer, Michael Schuster, has to say about the new album, writing music, and life in general.

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Michael: My name is Michael Schuster and I sing in Baseline.

Let’s play first and last. What is the first and the last concert you ever went to? What is the first and the last job you had?

Michael: My first concert ever was All Time Low. They came here on the Spring Fever tour and I saw them with Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, and Pierce The Veil. It was a crazy show for sure. My first job was pushing carts at Safeway. It really sucked; I don’t recommend it. The most recent job I had is being a Barista at Starbucks. I love it actually; it’s a fun job.

Where's my macchiato?? Who or what inspires/ed you to pursue music?

Michael: Lots of artists inspire me to write music and do the whole band thing. I also inspire myself a lot, though. I just go through things and get put into situations that I need to write about. It’s how I find closure.

I know that ya'll are from Arizona but where specifically? How is the local scene?

Michael: Most of us are originally from Mesa. The local scene here is awesome. We have lots of people who come out to our shows and there are tons of bands out here then we listen to and enjoying playing shows with.

Did you guys grow up there? How has the scene changed?

Michael: We all grew up here, yes. We weren’t really aware of the scene until we joined it. As far as change goes, it just seems to be growing. When we first joined we were the youngest band on the bill every single time. Most of the time we play here, we still are but there are new bands popping up all the time.

What is Baseline's Spirit Animal?

Michael: I’d say a starfish since there are five of us and we’re all each like an arm of the band starfish.

Fits perfectly! What is the your favorite show the band has played?

Michael: We played a Battle of the Bands last year to win a slot on So What Must Fest; that was wild. Normally we hate battles because they just pit bands against each other and we think that’s lame but we wanted to play So What Music Fest really bad. Everyone that came to that show brought the heat; it was extremely wild.

What are the best lessons that being in a band has taught you?

Michael: I think the best thing I’ve learned is that you will always figure it out. No matter what happens, no matter what bullshit life throws at you, you’ll make it work. The other guys in the band and I make one hell of a team and so every time something goes wrong, which is, like, twice a day, we figure it out together.

What can we expect from "For The Sake of Clarity"?

Michael: FTSOC is an EP that we wrote quite literally for the sake of clarity. It was written with the purpose of finding closure and acceptance in our personal struggles. We hope you like it.

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