Paul Bakker - Glass Tides

Glass Tides is a band from Adelaide, South Australia. They're a group, cool, passionate dudes. I had a chance to chat with Paul Bakker - the bands vocalist ad guitarist. Keep reading to see whats up!

What is your name and what is your job in Glass Tides?

Paul Bakker, I play sing and play guitar in Glass Tides

What would you say is the most difficult part about being in a band?

Paul: The organisation skills required to put release plans in order properly. When your a self managed band it takes a pretty big toll on you trying to think of every aspect of a release, who am i going to send it to, do i have the right contacts, is my budget going to cover it, whats next etc.

What is your favorite part?

Paul: Writing music. I don't think i get a better feeling then when I complete a song, or write an idea that i really connect with and i know it will connect with others.

You guys recently played a show with Secrets. What was that like?

Paul: The show with Secrets was awesome, we had a sold out room, everyone packed in tight and everyone had a really good night. The lads in Secrets were all friendly and just genuine dudes.

Who or what were the inspirations for the EP - Thoughts?

Paul: Thoughts was a release that for me personally was a long time coming. It is a highlight of all the things in the past 2 years that really affected me in a negative way, and by writing what i'm feeling and putting it into songs it really helped me move past those moments, and become a better person. I wanted it to be very raw lyrically and very to the point.

How was all of the recording and mixing handled?

Paul: The whole EP was recorded, mixed and master by myself (Paul Bakker). I have a bedroom studio that i spend most of my spare time just writing and recording.

If Glass Tides was an ice-cream flavor, what would it be?

Paul: Vanilla. Not because we are boring, but because you can always have Vanilla, and it mixes well with other

What is one piece of gear you absolutely cannot live without?

Paul: My Kemper, I bought this amp 2 years ago, and it it honestly the best thing i've ever bought musically. If your always searching for new and improved guitar tones, this is your type of thang!

Anything else you would like to add?

Paul: We have a lot of exciting things happening in the next few months, including a lot of new music, new videos and a just some all round good times, so stay posted.Thanks for taking to time to chat.

No Problem, Paul, thank you!!

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