Jeremy Heath - Wimbledon Alley

Photo Credit: Ben Drake

Wimbledon Alley is a solo project fuel by the thoughts, ideas, and passion of Jeremy Heath. Wimbledon Alley was born in Minnesota, where Jeremy currently lives. Having just put out a new EP, Wimbledon Alley is busy and inspired. Read below to see what Jeremy has to say about everything.

What is your name what do you do as Wimbledon Alley?

Jeremy: Name is Jeremy Heath and I do all the writing, recording and management for Wimbledon Alley.

Wimbledon Alley is a solo project. How is working alone different than working with other people?

Jeremy: Working alone gives me this freedom that I don’t get when working in a band. I’m in and have been in many projects where it’s sometimes hard to throw ideas around in a setting with other people. Being by myself gives me the chance to just rapid fire ideas that I might like or dislike. There’s also not depending on other people to write or record their own parts. Freedom is really the biggest part about it

Are there ever any issues playing live since there is a band with you?

Jeremy: Really the only issue we run into as a live band is not getting enough practice. Everyone lives over an hour away from each other, so it’s hard to get everybody in one place at the same time.

What is Wimbledon Alley's spirit animal?

Jeremy: Wimbledon Alley’s spirit animal is probably a Shiba Inu wearing a hat and probably glasses.

What are the main ideas behind Sports Ball?

Jeremy: The main ideas behind “Sports Ball”, and same for “This Isn’t a Tennis Match” really, is just having fun and expression through lighter, poppier music. Pop punk and easycore are kinda what I tried to build Wimbledon Alley on, but I also didn’t want to limit myself to.

Do you have work besides music? How do you balance the two?

Jeremy: I do a lot of things at the moment. I run a YouTube channel with my roommates called “TVRBO KVLT”, I work at a local Walgreens, and I stream on Twitch on the side as well. I also play in a few other local bands called Goodbye Lucy Grey, Lionsdale, and occasionally with Sorakujira whenever they play shows.

What is one piece of gear you absolutely cannot live without?

Jeremy: This is a hard question because I saved up a few years back for a really nice guitar rig that cost me like $2500 total. Then I also have this $50 Red fake strat my mom got me when we lived in Japan that has just been my favorite guitar since I fixed it up. I might have to go with my red Selder guitar because it feels so good to play and I can find some pretty good tones with plugins nowadays.

Can you describe the new EP with three words?

Jeremy: Scott Mix Good

Anything else you'd like to add?

Jeremy: I’d just like to say that to anyone who’s into music and wants to start a band, you don’t always need members to write music. If you don’t even have recording equipment, try writing some electronic music, you gotta start somewhere. Also don’t limit yourself, explore different styles of music and genres.

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