Dan - Hideouts

Hideouts is a five-piece pop-rock band from Hunington Beach, CA. I got the chance to chat with Dan about life, music, and being cool. Keep reading to fine out what he had to say!

What is your name and what do you do in Hideouts?

Dan: My name is Dan, and I sing/play guitar.

Nice to meet ya, Dan! How is the local scene in Huntington Beach?

Dan: Petty non existent to be honest haha. In nearly 7 years we've only played 1 show in HB. Orange County in general has a ton of great bands though!

What is one piece of gear you absolutely cannot live without?

Dan: For me it's my microphone. I'm kind of a germophobe so The though of using a house mic with who knows how many hundreds of peoples spit on it really gives me anxiety 😂

If Hideouts was an ice-cream flavor, what would it be?

Dan: Neopolitan. We're a mix of people from all over the country/world!

Thats great. What is the best show you guys have ever played live?

Dan: Oh man, that's tough! I'd have to say one of our shows at The Glasshouse in Pomona, but I can't narrow it down much more haha. We love that venue!

I know you you guys played Pop Rock, but what advice do you have for someone who wants to be Pop Punk as fuck?

Dan: We all love pop punk too, and a lot of those influences in our music. Doesn't matter the genre though! My advice is just dive right into what moves you and makes you happy. Others will feed off of that!

And who or what is your inspirations or influences for music?

Dan: Mine have always been Jimmy Eat World, and Acceptance.

Jimmy Eat World! Middle school me is happy, How is all the recording and mixing handled for Hideouts?

Dan: It varies from album to album or producer honestly. We are actually just getting ready to start releasing our newest songs that we did with Andrew Wade in Orlando Florida.

What does the band have in store for the rest of the year?

Dan: Release new music/videos, play a series of single release shows and make sure we finish off the year right!

Sounds great, we'll be looking forward to it! Thanks for talkin' with me!

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