Dallas - Fortunate Me

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Dallas Allred, and I play the drums for Fortunate Me.

How did Fortunate Me get its start?

Dallas: Oh boy, this is a tough one. Sam and Alex started what would become Fortunate Me

back in 2011. Sam and Alex have known each other for a long time but were part of different

bands throughout the years. When their time with those bands came to an end, they started

playing guitar together and started writing what evolved into Fortunate Me’s material. At the

start of 2012, Dallas joined in on the drums, and with a different singer and bassist, we were

known as “Lay it to Rest.” In 2013 we changed our name to “Fortunate Me,” and we made

another line-up change with Robbie joining as our lead vocalist, just in time to record our EP “A

Better Place.” In 2014, Gabe joined as our bassist and backup vocalist, and that’s when [we] officially became the Fortunate Me that we are known as today.On another level, our original producer, Dan Whittaker, has been a huge influence on our

growth and performance as a band. Definitely deserves a shout out!

What is the bands defining song?

Dallas: To me, our most defining song is “Synergy.” It’s hard to define our sound, because our

vibe is always changing. We definitely write what we’re feeling, which allows us to come up

with some different and unique material. To me, the lyrics from “Synergy,” define our purpose

and feelings toward music, and that is never giving up on our dreams, and powering through

the rough times, whatever it takes.

Who or what inspired you to pursue music in the first place?

Dallas: My family has always had a piano in the house. When I was 5, I started messing around

on the piano, and my mom started to teach me some of the basics until I started traditional

piano lessons. My cousins introduced me to the guitar and drums when I was 12, and I started

taking drum lessons then. My passion for music started when I first sat down at the piano, and

it’s just continued to escalate ever since.

What was the most exciting and the most difficult part about filming the music video for Soo Siick?

Dallas: The most exciting part about filming the video for Soo Siick was the location. I love

playing drums outdoors, because other than concerts, I’m usually stuck inside somewhere.

Also, where Soo Siick is one of our heavier songs, I think the junkyard setting is a great fit for

the video. The most difficult part about filming the video for Soo Siick was all of the reflective stuff in the junk yard! As the sun would move across the sky, we’d have to move stuff slightly to getrid of the huge glare from the sun. Occasionally the reflections would end up right on us,

blinding us and making us sweat worse than we already were, or would ruin the shots for the

camera. It was well worth the work though!

Best movie quote?

Dallas: “I’m tired of this, Grandpa.” “Well that’s too damn bad!” – Holes

Where are you guys from? How is the music scene there?

Dallas: We’re originally from Southern Idaho, but now we’re somewhat spread out. The scene

In Southern Idaho is hard to describe. When we first started, there were quite a few different

rock, punk, and indie bands. There were a few rappers, but that was about it. As time went on,

the amount of rock, punk, and metal bands has gone down, but the number of rappers and hip-

hop artists has gone up. There are a few local venues around, so during the summer there a

several opportunities for live shows. We would often travel 45 minutes – 2 hours for what we

would consider “local shows.” The local scene is starting to grow again though thanks to some

awesome and outgoing local artists!

Where will Fortunate Me be at this time next year?

Dallas: It’s hard to say! We’re always working on brainstorming ideas and writing new

material, so who knows. We could be playing a summer tour, releasing another album, or

working on singles in the studio. We’re currently focused on writing and releasing new songs

and videos, but anything is possible in a year’s time!

Last one, this is very important, blue or black pen?

Dallas: Black, without question.

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