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Patient Sixty Seven is a three piece metal core band out of Perth, Western Australia, this week, I had the opportunity to chit-chat with the their amazing vocalist, Tom!

What is your name and what is you role in the band?

My name's Tom Kiely and I'm the vocalist for Patient Sixty-Seven!

How did Patient Sixty Seven get started?

Tom: The band started a few years ago on the back of wanting to play heavier music with a close friend of mine. Overtime the vision for the band has really grown and we went from demo'ing out some early tracks to playing shows with a full lineup. Since then we've been lucky enough to release two EP's and play some incredible shows.

Is there a specific meaning behind the bands name?

Tom: The band name is taken from Shutter Island - it's probably my favourite movie of all time. The reference to Patient Sixty-Seven is a really important part of the story and driving some of the themes found in it. I threw it out there while in the middle of a practice, and it just stuck.

Who or what inspired you to pursue music in the very beginning and what were your inspirations for the new Ep - 'Four Walls?'

Tom: My inspiration was just the music I loved listening to while through high school. Punk rock and pop punk music, the energy and feeling it had just really drove me to want to pursue music as soon as I could. The inspiration for the EP is honestly just life, and the different experiences I went through that I felt people could relate to. Dealing with adversity, and the tougher times. I wanted to keep the lyrics and the music really honest and try to get the most out of our band in doing that.

Describe the first show you ever played.

Tom: 2014 - it was an all ages show with several really good local acts. I just remember being so so nervous! We opened up and it went pretty well, I definitely had a great time getting ready for it and it was an experience I won't forget!

Describe the first show you ever went to.

Tom: Soundwave 2010 was my first major gig. What an incredible day, seeing so many of my favourite bands in the flesh. Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Alexisonfire, All Time was such a good lineup and really made me realise how powerful live music could be.

Yes, Emarosa is amazing! How is the local scene in Perth? Is the metal scene particularly big?

Tom: It's definitely got some bands doing really really well, there's enough support for acts to come out and play big local shows. It can be hit and miss but there's so much quality throughout our local scene there's definitely bands that I can see breaking out really soon!

What has been the most difficult thing to overcome whilst being in Patient Sixty Seven?

Tom: Time management. It can be stressful working a full time job while also wanting to put so much into the band. It can be a balancing act at times but it's always worth it.

How is all the recording and production handled for the band?

Tom: It's handled differently depending on the release and the stage of production a song etc is at.I typically handle alot of the programming - though we have worked with multiple people on that front. We have Rory who often lays down initial song ideas with Declan in pre-production.

Our last EP was produced by Ryan Both of Audax studios - and he's really incredible to work with from a production standpoint.

I'm excited to continue mixing up this process as we move forward as well.

If Patient Sixty Seven was a beverage, what would it be?

Tom: I feel like some of the boys in our band who drink a wider range of beer than me could better answer that - but If had to pick one I'd have to go with Pepsi Max. Always underrated.

I'm more of a Coke gal, but I'll take your word for it ;). Where do you see Patient Sixty Seven at this time last year?

Tom: Honestly - hopefully we're still just getting the chance to play music, do what we love - and hopefully having the opportunity to play with even more awesome acts and releasing new tracks. It should be a fun 12 months ahead!

Anything else you want to add?

Tom: Thank you so much for having us Aly - and to anyone out there who has given us their time and checked us out.

Give Four Walls a spin and let us know your thoughts! :)

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