Grumpster is a rock band based out of Oakland, California - not to far from me! They have a newborn EP called 'Cutting Ties" so be sure to check it out and to keep reading to find out how it was made and how they felt about it.

What is your name and what do you do in Grumster?

My name is Falyn and I play bass & sing!

I'm Noel and I play the drums for Grumpster.

Hi, my names Lalo and I play guitar.

Describe Grumpster in three words?

Falyn: Energetic, stoked, and salty

Salty like the sseeaaa. Cutting Ties came out yesterday! What was the writing and recording process like for the new record?

Grumpster: Honestly we didn't really have any big plans to record an EP. We were pretty set on working on a full length until we wrote these tunes and realized that they'd sound really sick on a record together, so we decided to turn them into an EP. It just happened to be about a year after our first release so we thought it would be cool to make a record to show people as well as ourselves the progress we've made as a band this past year. [It] was extremely natural, a majority of the songs only took about 2 or three practices to nail, and we recorded it all in one day. [We] think that rings true for Grumpster as a band. We had a few songs that we didn’t feel would fit well with our future full lengths overall mood so we decided to write a couple more songs and release a high energy EP with no breaks. We drove up to Sacramento to record with Patrick at earth-tone studios with the intention of recording it over a couple days but ended up banging it out in less than 10 hours or so and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome

In your opinion, what is Grumpsters defining song(s)?

Lalo: I think we have two sounds one being more punchy and aggressive and the other is more melodic and I think for the aggressive side “rich kids” is a good example of it and it was one of the first songs we wrote as a band and for melodic I think hard feelings is the perfect example of that side of us

Does Oakland have a strong local scene?

Falyn: Yes! The local scene in Oakland is awesome. Its so welcoming and supportive, there's always a show to go to and friends to support, as well as friends supporting us in our musical career! We're really lucky to be rooted here in the East Bay, there's so much history and influence within the scene here that's always keeping us going and pushing us to be the best we can be!

If Grumspter was a beverage, what would it be?

Lalo: bleach

I'd drink it ;) Other than make music, what is something that Grumpster likes to do together?

Grumpster: We enjoy the simple things - playing with animals, drinking beer, and making each other look like idiots. You can usually run into Grumpster at your local Oakland bar or at a local show supporting our friends. We also like to spend time with Falyn and Noel’s snake Yari who you see on the cover of cutting ties.

Sounds like a great time! What is then biggest lesson being in a band has taught you?

Noel: I've been in a fair amount of bands before joining Grumpster, and the one thing that rings true in each one is to stay humble and know how to communicate. A band can't work if you can't openly discuss anything, from the little things to the tough stuff.

Where do you think Grumpster will be at this time next year?

Falyn: Oh man, that's hard to say. I'm hoping we'll be on some type of full US tour maybe? Playing to all new places to all new faces. Maybe touring a new record? If you'd asked me the same question a year ago I'd be clueless as to what we've been able to do these past 12 months so I can only hope for the best!

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