The Frecks

July 13, 2018


"Tucson's surf punk girl band of your greatest dreams and worst nightmares". . . . its The Frecks!


What is your name and what do you do in The Frecks?

Juliet, bang them drums.

My name is Erica and I slappa da bass.

My name is Izzy I shred and scream 


Litty titty. How did The Frecks get its name?

Juliet: We were camping.

Erica: We made an long list. We went from the Speckles to the Freckles to The Frecks.

Izzy: We can’t agree on who came up with the name The Frecks. But I always wanted to have a “THE” band.


What is your favorite memory from playing live?

Juliet: Seeing all the punks fall on the floor and screaming just for us

Erica: When people started bowing down to Izzy during the solo in a say it ain’t so cover of weezer 

Izzy: My favorite is when i forgot how to play the solo in say it ain’t so and i had everyone sing it for me instead 


What is your favorite/most important piece of gear?

Juliet: My magic drum sticks that breathe fire

Erica: My guitar strap- it’s reliable

 Izzy: My homies who prevent everyone in the pit from running into us


Who or what inspires you to make music?

Juliet: All of my stress 

Erica: I really think Ty Segall, Twin Peaks, and Together Pangea help us find our “vibe” together but really our music is all over the place (in a good way)

Izzy: The first time I went to a show (2ish years ago) I was like holy shit I have to do this. Then I learned guitar and played a show. After our first show I just remember thinking like holy shit I have to do this forever man.


Big Mood, Juliet. If the Frecks was a beverage, what would it be?

Juliet: Yerba mate

Erica: A refreshing crisp cup of ice.

Izzy: Moonshine with piss in it.


Delicious. . . RIOT GRRRL????

Juliet:  Yes.

Erica: Maybe.

Izzy: Not at all.


Where do you see The Frecks at this time next year?

Juliet: On tour baby


Izzy: We are going on tour next summer and anyone says otherwise they’re lying. 

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