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Under The Radar is a three-piece rock n' roll powerhouse form Memphis Tennessee that came to be a short four years ago. Being just 14, 15, and 16 years old, these three boys have accomplished a lot including opening for Kansas as well as Bret Michaels. Keep reading to find out just how these awesome young men do it!

What is your name and what do you do in Under The Radar?

Matt Ireland I play the bass guitar and provide background vocals

My name is Zeke Yarbro and I’m the front man in Under the Radar. I play guitar and sing.

Ryan Halcomb, I am the drummer in the band

Who are some musicians that you look up to and why?

Matt: Geddy lee and Victor Wooten - they are amazing musicians. They make it seem like anything is possible.

Zeke: I look up to Stevie Ray Vaughn a lot for his emotion and attention to detail on the guitar. I also look up to our

manager Todd Poole on how to handle myself onstage.

Ryan: I look up to bands like Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Those are my biggest influences

Solid. The Chili Peppers are great! So, Under The Radar has certainly accomplished a lot. What is your favorite thing that the band has been a part of?

Matt: My favorite show was opening for Bret Michaels. It was really cool to see all the people in front of us. Afterwards, Bret Michaels invited us on stage with him to sing Rock-n-Roll All Nite and that was even better!

Zeke: My favorite thing the band has been a part of was definitely recording our first album. That’s something I can always look back at and remember the special moments we shared writing and recording our own material.

Ryan: I don’t know if there is a favorite, there’s so much I’ve loved about everything we’ve done. Opening for Kansas was the first moment in my life that I felt like years of hard work playing drums really paid off, and that moment of being on that stage changed my life.

In regard to your latest album,So Alive, what was the writing and recording process like?

Matt: The writing and recording of the album went by quickly. It was very smooth. The writing was a lot of fun. I always enjoy being in the recording studio.

Zeke: It was pretty fast and fun for the most part. We worked really hard in the studio to give the audience the best we could and to get across the vibes we were trying to create.

Ryan: Recording the record wasn’t too hard for me; I went in, played all the songs through several times, and that was it. Zeke had the most difficult time being the lead vocalist and guitar player.

Assuming from your age, y’all are all still school. Is it easy balancing education and music?

Matt: It is all about prioritizing and time management. I have to make sure I have my school work done as fast as possible, so I have time to work with UTR.

Zeke: It’s pretty simple, we try to keep our practice schedule/shows away from school as much as possible

Ryan: The only time school conflicts with our music is when we practice, but we always manage to get our school work done before we practice. Sometimes we have shows during the week, but even then, we just get school work done first. Occasionally we have to miss school, but my school just started allowing a couple “personal” days throughout the year, so it works out well.

What was the hardest and what was the most fun part about making the music video for "Boom"?

Matt: The hardest part was having to film some of the same shots so many times. The best part was seeing the end result of all of the hard work.

Zeke: I think the hardest and most fun part of filming boom was getting in shape before the video. Of course, it’s no cakewalk trying to change your diet and look a certain way, but I found that it gave me a lot more freedom in my vocal range and more energy and agility on stage. It helped me get through all of the takes. It sort of changed how I looked at my career.

Ryan: The hardest part was playing through the song over and over, with as much energy as I could possibly use. I would play it as hard and heavy as I could, and then we would play it again, and again. But it paid off. My favorite part was being around the cameras and feeling like a super star for a couple hours. I’m a nerd when it comes to everything about videos and movies, so it was pretty cool seeing all of the equipment they used to film us.

Well it all sounds awesome. What is Under The Radar's spirit animal?

Matt: I would say an eagle because when we aren’t on stage, we are just normal people, kind of like an eagle on the ground. When we take to the stage, we become different people. We feel like we are soaring high and having fun, much like an eagle in the sky.

Zeke: Probably a wolf. Something that’ll pounce out of nowhere and catch you off guard, but once it has you in its grasp you can’t escape.

Ryan: A fish. We stay under the water most of the time, but when we get out we go CRAZY!! LOL

Last but not least, what does the rest of 2018 look like for Under The Radar?

Matt: The rest of 2018 for UTR is just building our fanbase and possibly writing some new material. We have a couple of big shows coming up. We are opening for Saliva on July 29th and then on September 15 th we’re opening for Loverboy and Nelson at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Who knows what else 2019 might have in store for us but we hope it’s more of the same with a chance to reach more people.

Zeke: 2018, right now, has some shows in the future and just a lot of hard work

Ryan: Lots of work. We are working on tons of new music and we practice all the time. We also have tons of shows coming up this year, and once this year is over, we hope 2019 will be insane!

Once again, this all sounds so amazing. Congratulations and happy rocking!

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