Ronx is a three-piece Pop Punk band from the Bronx, New York. With influences like Neck Deep and Blink-182, Ronx's music can be described as honest, memorable, and energetic. As proven in this interview, they are close with their fans and extremely persevering.

What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Miguel: My name is Miguel Vasquez and I play the guitar and sing.

Josh: I’m Josh and I play bass and sing.

Nice to meet ya! Describe the best show you've ever played.

Miguel: The best show that we’ve played, in my opinion, was the Basement Dwellers’ Punk Rawk Benefit show. Basement Dwellers is a DIY organization that hosts shows in the Brooklyn area and book bands all over NYC to play these shows. The Punk Rawk benefit show was a fundraiser for Punk Island, which was our following show. It was a great time seeing people having fun and loving what we were playing. It’s a great feeling to see people really digging the music you’ve been working on for months.

What is the one piece of gear you absolutely cannot live without?

Miguel: I absolutely cannot live without my chorus pedal. At first, I thought it was okay, but then I started to use it a lot more frequently and I love it so much. (Thanks Josh for the pedal!)

Josh: I only have two pedals that I love and adore like they were my babies. My Ampeg preamp bass pedal and Bigmuff pedal. I’ve always loved the tone of Ampegs, and the tone that I get from my Ampeg pedal is so clean and beefy it makes me want to play bass lines for days. I use my Bigmuff for heavier songs like Kuro or Home; that distorted cruch hits home for the pit!

Oh yes, Bigmuff is the absolute shit! How was the writing process for Division St?

Miguel: The writing process for Division St. was a bit difficult for me. Some of the songs on the album we have had for months like the song “Home”. We’ve played that song even before the “Welcome Home EP” but then we re-recorded the song because of the sound quality that AGL Sounds have in store for us. But with the songs that we were writing from scratch, it was something we’d been working on for a while. Since I was in upstate New York for school, we had to communicate through voice recordings, sending song ideas through apps and phone calls. Josh and Dave would meet up a couple of times a week to practice old songs and write some new songs and then they would send me a recording of what they have came up with. I would send notes and ideas but it wasn't the same since I wasn't physically with them. I felt like I missed a chunk of the experience because of school.

Did you guys DIY or work with a producer?

We worked with the best in the business, Doug Gallo from AGL Sounds! Josh found Doug through a Facebook post Doug have posted about a cheap recording session and when we were there it was pretty amazing. The guys at AGL made us feel at home and while we were recording the” I’ll Just Go EP”, Doug gave us his all, like literally he was no ordinary producer. He kept on encouraging us, giving us his ideas to make the song sound more alive, always tried to find the best sound and he always had the best stories that he would share with us. We are thinking about going back to AGL for another album or EP sometime in the next year or so.

Other than make music, what is something that Ronx likes to do with eachother?

Miguel: We like to get together and get a little saucy (drunk), play some video games, and just hang out.


LOL, yawl play Fortnite? If Ronx was an ice-cream flavor, what flavor would it be?

Miguel: It’ll probably be coffee flavored because we always run on coffee.

I'm with you! What is the most difficult and then most rewarding part about being in a band?

Miguel: The most difficult part about being in a band is finding the time to get together. When it is not the summer I’m at SUNY New Paltz upstate New York, Dave works and is a student at Lehman College and Josh works and is in two other bands. But the most rewarding part about being in a band is that we are here for each other, when we are together we could talk about anything. We talk about a lot of our favorite bands and talk about what’s been going on in our lives; we’re basically blood brothers.

Josh: To add on to Miguel, patience is also difficult in a band. You get all these great ideas you want to create and put out right away but to do it right it takes time. Recording our album was so great and we wanted it out ASAP. It was killing me slowly waiting to have it released, but waiting for right moments is very important and taking your time to make a piece of work the best it can be is important.

Where do you see Ronx at this time next year?

Miguel: Ronx in a year from now I am hoping for a some type of tour across the united states, signed to a small record label working on our next album.

Josh: I see Ronx with LP 2 next summer and already touring the states, slaying every local spot we pull up to!

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