Nuzzled in the town of Livermore, California, (a short 40 minutes from me!) is the band Neverlyn! Neverlyn is a four piece pop punk group that specialized in passion and sass. Keep reading to get to know them a little better before you check out their new music - just released on July 13th.

What is your name and what is your job in Neverlyn?

Anna Neitzel - vocals

Nisha Rangel - guitar/vocals

Aj Wright - drums

Samantha Zeager - bass

Describe Neverlyn with three words.

Nisha: Catchy, playful and sassy.

AJ: 2. Passionate, determined, fun.

In your opinion, what makes Neverlyn unique?

Nisha: I think being able to find that happy medium of blending our femininity with the style of music we play. Being a predominantly female band, we have a different lyrical perspective with some topics so it’s a new take on things.

Samantha: Other than the fact that we’re a mostly female band, everyone has a very different taste in music and when we combine out styles it creates our unique sound.

Aj: We’ve been continually evolving with each release, most noted the upcoming new record "Beauty Sleep,” we captured elements of classic pop punk, some heavier rock and a taste of metal elements with the instrumentation on the record. I think we cater to many different audiences with our music than just the pop punk/warped tour community.

When it comes to writing music, where do you get inspiration?

Nisha: Tons of areas in my life or others. I just instantly get the feeling to write and I kind of just see where that takes me. Sometimes I’ll just be humming to myself in the car or while working and I’ll just think like that’s a really cool melody or progression and pull out my phone to record it for later.

Anna: We draw inspiration from everything; past relationships, current relationships, friendships, family issues. Our writing process is very collaborative, so if anyone has an interesting situation to write about, we all give input and help each other find our words.

When it comes to making music, how is it handled? Do you work with a producer or DIY?

Samantha: This new record we worked with a producer and showed him material we had been working on for a long time. It was a very collaborative writing process.

Nisha: For our previous releases, it’s always been a DIY thing but this new record was the first time we’ve ever worked with a producer. We ended up using some material we’ve had for a while and also wrote some of it as we went along in the recording process. Overall, we had a great experience and it turned out amazing. I think we’re all incredibly proud of the outcome.

What is the best show you've ever played?

Samantha: We played at the X-Bar in Cupertino with Belmont and it was a blast. All the bands had great attitudes and the crowd was super involved.

Anna: We got to open for Belmont several weeks ago and it was probably the best show we've gotten to play. There were so many of our friends there supporting us and signing along. All the guys from Belmont and Young Culture were also super cool, no egos, just a good time.

If Neverlyn was an animal, what would it be?

Anna: A mantis shrimp. We look cute, but we'll destroy you.

Nisha: I’m gonna say a tiger. I feel like they’re a little unpredictable and they always lay low so you never really know when they’re gonna attack. It always keeps you guessing which is what we like to do so it keeps things interesting.

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Neverlyn?

Samantha: We are planing on releasing a full length album in the fall and touring once that’s released. We want to spread our music everywhere.

Aj: We are set to release our new record soon and are aiming to begin touring as much as possible to follow the release. Lots of shows coming up plus new venues, new bands we are playing with and making a lot of new friends and connections. Looking forward to hopefully moving onto bigger platforms and taking things in a much more professional manor.

We'll also be looking forward to it! Last but certainly not least, perhaps most importantly. . . how does one become Pop Punk. As. Fuck?

Aj: "I'll have my best friend in the front seat, and my pizza in the back! Seven pairs of khaki shorts and stickers for my Mac!”

Anna: This used to be on the wall of our favorite local venue 924 Gilman, and I feel like it applies here, "Nothing is more punk than being self-determined and respecting the self-determination of others. Be real, honest and work hard.

Aj, I feel personally attacked.

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