High Visions - "Passerby"

August 20, 2018



UK unk trio High Visions are releasing their Sophomore effort, titled "Passerby" in August of 2018. The EP fuses influence from early 2000s pop punk and hardcore with elements of newer, eom-tinged, pop punk for a mixed crowd of musicians and fans in the genre. Recorded in The Ranch in Southhamption (frequented by Creeper and Boston Manor), the EP tackled themes of Mental Health, abuse, and self-improvement from a unique perspective."

 - Megan Langley of Live a Little Bit Louder


What is up, parties?! This is Aly Gerdes from Pit Party Media and welcome to our first ever feature about UK band High Visions. Hailing from Leeds, High Visions was formed in early 2015 at an after party at The Key Club and the band currently consists of three members who recently put our a band new EP called "Passerby" it came out this last Friday, the 17th of August so this post is a few days late, but definitelynot any dollars short. 

     The band describes the EP as "poignant, unique, and honest". The effort was recording with a producer and good friend by the name of Dom Wright - a first for High Visions. Nestled in the countryside and free from distractions, the recording process was reportedly enjoyable and efficient. From melodies, lyrics, and instrumentation, the EP was written over a span of about two passionate and inquizzituve years. With the EP having cathartic and natural, and contain the staple pop punk juxtaposition of sad lyrics over happy music, the band says their favorite songs are "Duluth" and "Shit Out of Luck". Mixing genres, influence, and other musical components, the band put together a cohesive, unique, and intricate collection of songs. According to Ziggy, Louis, and Alex, the qualities of being a good musician include camaraderie, humility, maturity, honest, passionate, committed, and critique-ability. I personally that High Visions are a perfect representation of the aforementioned qualities and I will link the new EP down below so you all can listen too! 

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2aVzMWtyxVS1odZlt29RRk?si=T1XHqN8uTNK8-5FKfB2MDw


NEW NOISE: https://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-high-visions-passerby/


Happy listening and thanks for reading !


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