The Vox Arcanum: The Tragedy of the Locke Family - pt. 1

Hopefully all of you know recognize the name "The Vox Arcanum" - as band that is. But we soon find out that The Vox Arcanum is also a character - just one moving piece in the puzzle of time. . .and fate. As a character, The Vox Arcanum represents immortality and the opportunity to change ones fate. He has seen the beginning and the end over, and over, and over. However, this is not a solo act. Across a three part video release, The Vox Arcanum, the band, conveys a story of loss, confusions and temptation and The Vox Arcanum, the character is gracing (or cursing) the character of Lomond Locke.

Lomond plays the twin brother of Avon Locke and later, the husband of Le'vi. Lomond is forced to grow up very quickly and care for himself and his sister, whom he promised to always be with and protect, however she soon became very dependent on him. Lemond made a living with hard labor and was eventually able to build a new home for the two of them that he later gifted to her when he moved to the countryside with his wife at the age of 23. As mentioned, Avon is the twin brother of Lomond and had received a melody box from him at the age of 10. Lemond had found the box after a fire left their family home in shambles and their parents dead. She cherished the box and wore it as a necklace 100% of the time. Avon developed a hyper-dependency on her brother as her mental health was declining and she deviled terrible views of the world in which everything was dangerous and everyone was an enemy. When the twins were older, Lemond met his future wife, Le'vi and Avon resented her because she feared that Le'vi would take Lemond from her. Her fears had come true when Levon proposed to Leave. . . with a locket in the style of a melody box. Avon immediately felt betrayed and began planning her next moves. Le'vi had always loved poetry and music, which strengthened her liking of melody boxed, like the one Lemond had proposed with.

The thick plot and controversial storyline was first contacted by Tony Garcia - the front man of The Vox Arcanum about four years and every since, he and the band have been working to manifest a final product. They have finally succeeded as this whirlwind finds itself in the hills of Malibu, but only for filming. The story takes place in the Northern United States during the eighteen hundreds and is portrayed accurately through the characters, setting, and wardrobe.

The first video of this intricate series features the song "Undone". Violin-piano-centric, this video glazes over the plot, and presents the first, and if not, the biggest conflict - someone has been murdered. But who was it? Who did it? As well as an intro to the characters, and exposition, the video for "Undone" serves as a preview for the entire album - "Of Time & Fate".

Part two of the tragedy is accompanied by the musical workings of "Her Melody Box". In the short, cinematic production, the character of Lemond is grieving over a loss and is approached by a mystical being - who knows just what he lost - and perhaps who took it from him. Both of these things can be discovered in the short watching of the video.

No of course, the story is not over. As sixth-grade English class says, every good plot needs a resolution, and perhaps we'll get it next Monday with the third and final release of "The Tragedy of the Locke Family: Avon" .



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