Introduced to me by Naomi Ranae from Honest Brutality, Disconnected is a metal / rock band from France that is signed to Apathy records! I got a chance with two fo the guys and learn about the bands history, recording process, and their inspirations.

What is your name and what do you in Disconnected?

A: Hello there, I’m Adrian Martinot. I’ve created Disconnected a few years

ago but it took time to put things together and find the right people to play

with. I’m writing music and playing crazy parts of guitar in Disconnected.

I : Hi there! I’m Ivan Pavlakovic, I’m the vocalist of Disconnected and I also

wrote the vocal melodies and wrote the lyrics with my bro Adrian.

Who or what are influences and inspirations for music?

A: A lot of music is inspiring me each day but some of these are stronger like

Mark Tremonti’s. I’ve really dug his approach of music as a songwriter, the

melody comes first and that’s my way of thinking too.

I : I take my inspiration from daily experiences. A sound, a behavior, a movie,

everything can inspire me. I really dig what Mark Tremonti is doing also. I

listen to a lot of metal music . At the moment I’m listening a lot to the last

Parkway Drive, debut album of Light the Torch as well (I really like Howard

Jones’s voice). Also listen to the debut album of Sons of Apollo.

How is the local scene in Troyes? Are metal bands particularly big?

A:The local scene is growing up. Few new bands have been risen during the

past years and they are fucking great too, I’m thinking of our friends of


And for now the biggest band for now is actually my other metal band Melted


I: I’m not from that area of France, so I can’t tell you. I’m from the south east

actually. We’ve got great bands as well, but it’s always pretty hard to tour in

France, cos this music is not very popular, and nowadays there are so many

bands... It’s really tough to emerge and make something special out of your

band. I feel blessed that Disconnected is getting noticed like that.

What was the writing and recording process like for "White Colossus"?

A: I wrote all the music, I programmed everything but guitars and bass I

recorded by myself with Logic Pro. After that the pre-production was ready

and I could send the materials to Ivan and he puts his vocals ideas on it! And

the magic happens !!

I : that’s exactly what happened! ahah. We really felt an artistic connection

between the two of us. It doesn’t happen very often in an artist carrier to feel

that you found someone you could create great music with. We are lucky that

we got put on the same path!

That reminds me of what one of my proffessors say - "people who sell music sell magic". Which is absolutely the truth. But enough about that. What is your favorite song of off the record?

A: it’s not an easy question but I would say « Wounded Heart » because the

meaning of this song is the most personal of the record to me and I really like

the progression of the song, it’s very progressive, dark and emotional.

I: I’ll say the same. I think « Wounded heart » is a very deep and intense song.

But you know everyday you feel different, and you will prefer a heavier song

such as « For all our sakes » and some days you will just prefer to listen to a

softer song such as « Feodora ». It really depends of my mood.

Can you describe Disconnected with three words?

A: We are Disconnected !!

I: Emotion-Melody-Strength

If Disconnected was a beverage, what would it be?

That’s a tricky question, but I’d say Jack Daniel’s because for me that’s the

beverage of Rock N’ Roll!!

I: I’ll say we are Jack Daniels too. With this caramel aftertaste, but still

something strong that hits you right in the face straight after you poor the first

glass! ahaha

What does the rest of 2018 look like for Disconnected?

A: We’re actually working hard to get on tour in Europe before the end of the

year. We have a lead to play on support of a band we love a lot. Fingers

crossed, we can’t tell more about this now but we hope we could announce

this good news very soon.

We also planned to release an vinyl edition of the record and a new studio

video clip will be shot.

I: Yeah let’s cross everything we can for this European Tour because we are

pretty sure that this could be the beginning of something else for us, a step

forward to a different level!

Excellent, thanes for doing this with me and I wish you all the best of luck

Watch a Disconnected video among many others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MITuGgRLozg

Follow the band on Instagram - @wearedisconnected

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